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Where can you get help with a skeleton on the Maya program?


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Hope that helps.


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muscles that help the skeleton to move are? just an involuntary muscle

It would be jelly without a skeleton

You need a Skeleton to help support you and to keep your insides in place.

The tissues that work with your skeleton to help you move make up a cell.

Skeleton was added permanently to the Olympic program at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Do we have a skeleton to protect our organs and to help us move and support our body

It help in movement and protection of organ and help in locomotion

I think so magic

not really..,,not really..,,

it helps structure and support it

to protect and particuler shape .hydrostatic skeleton to help the movement.maintain of body shape.

Maya means "illusion." For me, it is a term to help me to see past the mundane, three-dimensional world, and to direct my attention inward.

There is no secret to this program, however there are several tips, the most important is the learn the interface of the program, be able to navigate it easily.

There is no other name for the axial skeleton. It may help to think of an axel on a car. It has wheels that attach to it.

MAYA is a pretty well done program that can be used for a lot of designing things...i use Maya to make unreal tournament 2004 models and it can be used for a plethora of other things

Men: Duff Gibson, Canada Women: Maya Pedersen, Switzerland

MAYA is a 3D creation/rendering software program, used to design and render 3D graphics/videos. It is the most widely used software in the gaming and animation industry.

The skeleton provides us with a solid structure. This helps our musles to push and pull making us move

The skeleton has lost his head. You are helping him find his way back to his head.

the skeleton help you to stand up, give your body shape and make blood in the blood marrow. :)

it makes your bones to be strong and healthy .

Autodesk Maya is an incredibly capable program, it can do anything that other 3d programs can do and more. I have used Autodesk Maya for several years now and with no formal education have made several videos. It has incredibly comprehensive help files which have tutorials to help you learn the programs. Due to the large number of other Autodesk maya users our there, you are able to find a lot of advice for your project your working on. If you purchase the unlimited license then you are provided with a license for Mental ray, mental ray is an amazingly fast renderer that is not too demanding on your processor. I personally would recommend Autodesk Maya over any other 3d animation programs.

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