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Most communities have resources to help with those types of problems. Contact child protective services to see what help is available. That poor kid could be facing some serious problems in the future. It's good that he has someone who can help him and is taking an interest in his future.

One of the most important things to do for your son is to understand that he has been through a horrible ordeal. I have had the same experience. I have three children that have been with a mother that snorted coke, smoked pot, got drunk a lot, had a plethora of extramarital affairs, was physically and emotionally abusive to both me and the children, and sent me to jail a number of times. I went to jail because she would hit me and then fall or something, scream and then call the police. It took me from April to September to get my kids from her. I had to do what Social Services told me to do. I kept this in mind "It's for my kids". When I finally got custody of them in December, I had to work my way through all of the mistrust and fear that they were fed by the people that they stayed with. These are the same people that told Social Services that I was the best person for the kids. I started my older kids (12 and 8) in counselling. My 3 year old relied on my consistency and attention. My 3 year old (J) had severe, and I mean SEVERE, separation anxiety. He has come a long way. The other kids are in a step down program with counselling. They go every 2 to 4 weeks instead of every week. I am consistent, fair, and honest with my kids. They see that and are very responsive to that. I suggest the same. There are places that counsel toddlers, the best avenue is to talk to their primary physician for referrals. Remember this, That is YOUR little boy. Treat him like he is. No matter what, be honest with him as much as his understanding allows. Be there for the good and bad times, the happy and sad times, and even the angry times. The rough times are the hardest because he doesn't understand what is going on. Try to refrain from bad talking his mother because, in the end, it is you he will resent. Remember that you are a PARENT. That is better than any trophy one could earn.

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Q: Where can you get help with your 3-year-old boy that you now have custody of who was exposed to crack cocaine by his mother?
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