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Where can you get horsea?

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you can get a horsea underwater. but only in sapphire.

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How do you get horsea in Pokemon Sapphire?

you have to go to pacifidlog town and surf then you'll run into a horsea and that's how you get a horsea.

Where can you find a horsea on Pokemon indigo?


Where do you get Horsea in Pokemon XD?

You can't get horsea in xd.

What region is Horsea in?

Horsea is a Kanto region pokemon.

How do you find horsea on Pokemon diamond?

you get horsea on route 226

At what level does Horsea evolve?

Horsea evolves at Level 32.

Where to get horsea in silver?

You can get a Horsea in Pokemon Silver by finding it at the Whirl Islands.

How do you transform horsea in Pokemon?

Horsea transforms into Seadra at Level 32.

What level does horsea evolve at?

Horsea evolves at level 32. :)level 32

At what level does horsea evolve in Pokemon LeafGreen?

Horsea evolves at level 32

Where do you catch a horsea in soulsiver?

Horsea can be found in either Whirl Islands or Seafoam Islands.

What level does horsea evolve in Pokemon black?

Horsea evolves at level 32 into a Seadra.

How do you catch Horsea in Pokemon SoulSliver?

You can catch a Horsea at: the Whirl Islands, the Seafoam Islands

Where to get horsea in Pokemon Pearl?

You get Horsea at Route 226 (Fish w/ Good Rod)

How do you get Horsea in Ruby?

You can obtain Horsea by fishing on Routes 132, 133, and 134 in Pokemon Ruby.

Where can find horsea on emerald?

On the left of Pacifidlog Town, you can use your super rod to fish for horsea.

What level does horsea evolve Pokemon sapphire?

Horsea evolves into Seadra starting at Level 32.

Where can you find horsea in Pokemon Yellow?

You can find Horsea at Vermillion City or Routes 10-13

What is the national pokedex number for Horsea?

Horsea is #116 in the national pokedex, and it is a Water type Pokemon.

How do you catch Horsea in Pokemon sapphire?

You can capture horsea at the safari zone look for the water on the western portion of the safari zone use the good or super rod to hook up horsea.

What level does horsea evolve into kingdra in Pokemon HeartGold?

horsea does not evolve into kingdra. you have to evolve your horsea into a sedra (at lvl 32). then you have to give it a king scale and trade it to someone for it to evolve into kingdra.

What level does horsea?

horsea evolves into seadra at lv 17. Seadra evolves into Kingdra at lv.32

Where do you get a horsea?

I think that you can't get a Horsea in Pokemon Diamond or Pearl unless you trade it in using Pal Park.

What level does Horsea evolve in Pokemon Black and White?

Horsea evolves when it is level 32. Hope this helped!

What level does horsey evolve?

The closest match for horsey is Horsea. At level 32, Horsea evolves into Seadra. Some of the many moves Horsea can learn include bubble mean, and hydro pump.

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