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Where can you get information about older Savage rifles and shotguns?

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In Illinois how old do you have to be to own a firearm?

18 or older for shotguns and rifles, 21 and older for handguns.

Who to contact for serial number for my gun?

Not certain I understand what you are asking. If your gun HAS a serial number, it should be stamped into the metal of the receiver (frame). In the US, serial numbers were not required by law on rifles and shotguns until 1968. Many older rifles and shotguns- especially .22 rifles, have never had a serial number, and they are perfectly legal,

What do you have to be 18 to buy?

Depends on which country you're in. In the US, cigarettes, Title 1 rifles and shotguns, and pornographic material are among the things you must be 18 or older to purchase.

How many guns have a safety on them?

Depends on what type of gun you are talking about. Generally speaking, few revolvers have safeties. Virtually all semi-automatic pistols and rifles do have them, and the majority of shotguns are now sold with a safety. Older lever-action rifles generally don't have safeties, and most bolt-action rifles don't either.

Is randy savage jay lethals son?

pretty hard for savage to be jay lethals son.. Savage is white...and about 30 years older

Where can you find a replacement for the red and green safety indicator beads on a M820A westernfield 22 rifle?

Havlin Sales. They are available on their website. They carry many parts for older Mossberg rifles and shotguns. About $5.00 for the plastic peg, plus shipping.

Where is the serial number on a Sears Roebuck co J.C Higgins 410 Ga 3In chamber model 103 74?

Quite possible (make that probable) that is has none, and never had one. Serial numbers were not required by law on rifles and shotguns until the 1968 Gun Control Act. Most lower cost shotguns, .22 rifles, etc, did not have serial numbers. While it IS perfectly legal to possess a gun that never had one, it IS a serious violation of Federal law to REMOVE one that is there. I collect older Mossberg .22 rifles from the 30s-40s-50s, and only one out of a dozen has a serial number.

Are Stevens shotguns any good?

good guns, they are owned by savage arms. Not the best but usually a really good price.

What is the value of a older savage 440 shotgun?

50-150 USD

Do older round knob browning A-5 shotguns have the red on the safety button originally?


Where can you find and download movie Doc Savage the man of bronze?

I checked and they have Doc Savage the Man of Bronze. It is an older movie (I think 1975).

What can you do at 18 and older that you can't do under 18?

Buy tabacco, visit doctors offices, apply for a conceiled weopon permit, buy rifles and shotguns, buy stuff from tabacco stores like bongs, own a boat, apply for a pilots license, have sex, travel on airlines alone, and much more...

How do you register a gun with out a serial number?

First, in MOST of the US, there is no requirement for registration of ordinary rifles, shotguns, or handguns. Second, while in the US it is illegal to REMOVE a serial number, or to possess a gun that has had the serial number removed or made unreadable- not all guns HAD a serial number. Prior to the 1968 Gun Control Act, no Federal law required that rifles or shotguns have a serial number, and there are large numbers of those guns that have never had a serial number- and possession of those is perfectly legal. For recordkeeping on those guns, the serial number is recorded as NSN- No Serial Number. I collect older 22 rifles, and have about 30 that were made prior to 1968. Only 2 of the 30 have serial numbers.

Who is Savage Opress?

I think Savage Opress is perhaps a relative of Darth Maul ... I guess we're all going to have to wait and see.

Where is the gun serial number?

All depends on the gun itself. On a revolver, it'll be somewhere on the frame. On an automatic pistol, it's usually on the slide, although some (such as the Glock) have it on the lower receiver. On rifles and shotguns, it'll typically be somewhere on the receiver, although some older military rifles will have it in a number of places - Mosin Nagant rifles, for example, have serial numbers on the receiver, magazine, buttstock, and bolt - in the case of these being mismatched, the serial number on the receiver, or else the one placed on it with the importer's mark - is to be considered the correct serial number.

How can find the serial number of firearm?

It could be in a number of places. For most rifles, it tends to be on the receiver, while semi-auto pistols tend to have it on the slide. On some older rifles and shotguns, you may have to remove the plate off of the buttstock to find it. If you're uncertain of where to find it on your specific gun, you're better off to take it to a gun shop and have them locate it for you. On military surplus rifles, especially those coming from the former Bloc states, the serial numbers may be on multiple locations throughout the weapon, such as the receiver, bolt/bolt carrier, magazine (on fixed magazine rifles), etc. Throughout their service life, many of these parts had to be replaced, and often these replacement parts were cannibalised from other rifles. If the numbers aren't all matching, it doesn't matter - the serial number on the receiver is the correct serial number. <><><> To add a brief note- many firearms do not HAVE a serial number. They were not required by law on rifles and shotguns until the 1968 Gun Control Act. Guns made earlier than that may never have had a serial number- and that is perfectly legal. REMOVING a serial number is not.

Is there a difference between a long and short action bolt savage 110?

1/2 of an inch. Long actions accomodate a larger cartridge calliber. Most savage rifles are long action. You can measure the distance between the front trigger guard screw (action screw) and the stock screw (forward action screw) to determine if your savage 110 is short or long action. The long action will measure 5 inches center to center and the short will measure 4 1/2 inches. Some of the older long action Savage 110 rifles will take the traditional short action calibers like 223,243 or 308. This has caused some confusion because the newer short action model 10 rifles are in these calibers. The best way to tell what action length you have is to measure from center to center of the action screws. The long action is 5.062 inches center to center, the short action is 4.275 inches center to center.

Where are the numbers on a Mossberg 151m-b?

If you mean the serial number- there is none. Rifles and shotguns (like your Mossberg) made prior to the 1968 Gun Control Act were not required to have a serial number. And yes, it is perfectly legal to own a firearm with no serial number. It is highly illegal to REMOVE a serial number, but guns that never had one are a different matter. I have 9 of the older Mossberg .22 rifles- only the one made for the US military has a serial number.

Do they still make Winchester 2535 rifles?

I know that winchester does not make any model 1894 rifles in 25-35 win.caliber anymore.Ypu may find some older ones on the market,but they will not be cheap.Most rifles chambered in 25-35 were made prior to world war II.

Do I need a state id to get a foid card in Illinois?

Naw as long y'all are a citizen of Illinois I'm 14 and I got mine Plus you have to be 21 for Handguns 18 for long guns (rifles, shotguns) 18 for hunting pellet guns And 14 for certain pellet guns but you need a foid and a parent,legal guardian or someone of age of 18 or older

Where do you find the serial number on a savage model 340a 3030?

I have a Savage Model 340A, 30-30 and it has no serial number. I was told that the older ones did not have any. At the time it was made it was not legally required to have one.

Benjamin Franklin pellet rifle that is brass and am looking for the value?

Crosman owns Benjamin air rifles. they offer a service to locate repair shops the repair older Benjamin rifles See the link below

Who repairs Logan air rifles?

There are many independent shops that repair older air rifles for a living. Do a web search for "air gun repair" and locate a shop near you to have it repaired or see the link below.

Where can I get Benjamin air rifles model 342 22 repaired?

Crosman airgun Co owns Benjamin. They off a service to locate repair shops that repair older guns and rifles. See the link below.

What kind of license do you need to collect and import guns including modern and older military rifles in the US?