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You can get a letter from Colt.

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What year and value is a sw 38 revolver serial?

Impossible to answer because you did provide any information about the revolver or the serial number.

What year was a colt 45 revolver serial 7880SA made?

Proofhouse.com has Colt serial number information you can use.

What revolver has this serial number 133729?

You are asking a question that can't be answered with the information given.

What is the model and age of your Smith and Wesson revolver serial 784587?

It is impossible to tell with just the serial number and no other information. Handgun? Long gun? Revolver, Semi-Auto?

What is the model number of Smith and Wesson revolver serial number C 168480?

Sorry- not possible to answer with only that information.

When was smith and Wesson 38 cal revolver made with serial?

You don't provide the serial number. The question can not be answered without that piece of information.

What year was a Colt revolver made with serial number SA394846?

Serial number shows it is a single action revolver made someime after 1978.

What is the date of manufacture of a colt 1917 serial number 189558?

if your pistol is of the model 1911 with serial number 189558 then it was made in 1917 by colt. If it is the revolver then the serial number is to high for the 1917 revolver.

How do you figure the serial on a colt 45 revolver?

On a Colt revolver, the serial number is generally in two places. When you open the cylinder you will find the serial number at the base of the frame & crane.

What is the value of 44 Uberti revolver serial number j51079?

$100-$450, depending on exactly what model you have, and condition. The serial number really does not give us any information.

Can you tell the year your revolver was made by the serial numbers?

Generally, yes, if you submit the make, model & serial number of the revolver.

Serial number ne945713 Taurus revolver what is this model?

You will have to contact Tarus to find out.

What model Taurus revolver is serial number 1600698?

You will have to contact Taurus to find out.

What is the age of a colt revolver cereal 78918?

what kind of revolver?? by the way, its serial number

What is the age of a Smith and Wesson revolver serial?

No serial number provided. Serial # 426742

What model smith and Wesson revolver do you have with serial number afy6xxx?

You can not tell the model number with just the serial number.

What is the value 22 revolver you j 8 wks serial n40293?

Serial number alone conveys no real information. Uable to decipher the make and model from your posting. Please repost with ALL markings on the revolver, adn we will tru to get you an answer.

What is the value of a Smith and Weston revolver serial number 100t05?

No such serial number in Smith and Wesson data.

What is the number on bottom of hand grip on sw revolver revealing?

The number on the butt is the serial number. The serial number will allow you to date it.

When was the Colt 1917 45 acp revolver serial?

Can't answer without the serial number.

Can you give me any information of a 32 Smith and Wesson serial number 260221?

You will need to provide whether it is a revolver or semi-automatic.

How do you find serial number ruger revolver?

Ruger has a serial number search function on the company web site.

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