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i would go to the vet and ask them but there is a website pet incurance so go there

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Q: Where can you get insurance for a dog boarding and breeding kennel?
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What is the best dog boarding kennel in Southern CA?

Camp Schultz Boarding Kennel is the best dog boarding kennel in Southern CA

Do you need to be certified to start a dog kennel?

Yes you do. Yes you do. Yes you do. Depends on what kind you are starting. You don't need certified to have a breeding kennel, nor do you need it for a boarding kennel. You need a license for boarding and inspected. Most breeding kennels do not have a license if they fall under a certain number of dogs a year. check with your state.

What is a kennel?

A kennel is any structure that acts as shelter for a dog such as a dog house.A boarding kennel is a place where you can bring your pet when you go on vacation, so the kennel can take care of it for you while your gone. They are fed, given water, given baths and allowed to play; everything that the animals need to feel like they're at home!Breeding kennels are similar to boarding kennels, but the main purpose is for the dogs to breed while there.

What is meant by dog boarding?

Dog boarding is where a pet dog can stay temporarily while the owner is on vacation or on a business trip. It is similar to a dog kennel but has a more sophisticated sound.

What exactly is a boarding dog?

A boarding dog is a dog that has been put up in a boarding house which is something like a kennel. Usually owners leave their dogs in boarding houses or kennels when they have to go on vacation and cannot take their pet.

How long can a dog stay in boarding kennel?

Every dog is different, but in my experience as a boarding facility owner we aim for a max of 2 weeks give or take. Some can go months...never tried it. Dogs can be boarded for months is just depends on the dogs. A kennel owner has to be able to tell when a dog is beginning to lose is. Some never do. My kennel has monthly rates for dog boarding.

What do you need to do to prepare for boarding your dog?

Make sure your dog is up to date on his or her vaccinations such as Rabies, DHLP/Parvo. The owner of the boarding kennel might also require that your dog is vaccinated against kennel cough. Call and check with the owner of the Boarding Kennel. Also find out if you can bring your own dog food or what do they feed there? A sudden change of food can cause problems like diarrhea, etc.

Do they kill dogs in a dog kennel?

no Dog kennels are used for boarding. That means that when no one is home to take care of your pet you can take it to a kennel that will do it for you while your gone.

How much does it cost to keep a dog at a boarding kennel?

17520 for one year... i think.

How do you open a boarding kennel on Dog Dayzz?

ill get nude and ride you so well

Can a dog get nasel congestion from a boarding kennel?

Sho's called kennel cough. Here's a link:

Can a six year old breeding kennel dog be housebroken?

Hopefully, yes.

How much does dog boarding cost on average?

The cost of boarding a dog is going to vary depending on where you live and what the kennel offers. On average boarding runs between $20-35 a day with extra fees for extra playtime or walks,

Do I need a kennel license to run a dog boarding business in Kansas?

A kennel license is required if you business exceeds a certain number of dogs. Once you business begins boarding 4 or more dogs you will be required to obtain a license.

Where can youleave your dog when you go on vacation?

A kennel, check the Yellow Pages. This is true a dog can be boarded at a kennel but some veterinarians also do boarding. Some kennels provide more space for your dog to run and play. You just have to check out where your leaving your dog.

What do you need to start a dog boarding kennel business in Spain?

To star a boarding kennel anywhere, you must first make sure you have the proper resources and funding before moving ahead. In Spain, or any where else, contact your local licensing office to obtain information on kennel licenses.

Can a dog breed with its siblings offspring?

yes This kind of breeding runs close to "Line" breeding, which for most breeders is acceptable. It is also acceptable with AKC (American Kennel Club and CKC (Continental Kennel Club).

Who offers Dog Boarding services in Maine?

There are a number of dog boarding establishments in Maine. Look up Barking Dog Limited (603-773-2275) or, Dog N Cat Kennel (207-457-2268), they will be able to provide the services you seek.

How much does it cost to board a large dog for a long time?

A large amount of money It depends on how much the kennel charges. I charge 18.00 a day. So for 30 days of Dog Boarding at my kennel it would cost $540.00. I provided a link to my rates pages at my kennel.

If kennel is to dog the hen is?

The coop is to the hen what the kennel is to the dog.

What questions should I ask when considering dog boarding kennels?

Always ask how often the dogs are taken out of their kennels for walks and how big the kennel is.

What is akc and ckc?

The AKC is the American Kennel Club and the CKC is the Canadian Kennel Club. Both are premier purebred dog registration organizations with a wide range of show and breeding options.

If you were at a kennel today and touched a dog with kennel cough can you give it to your dog?


How much money is a dog kennel?

If you are talking about buying a kennel for your dog, phone around to dog groomers and buy a secondhand one. They are clean and there is nothing wrong with them. I still give them a good cleaning when I get it home before using it. I only use a kennel to train a puppy and after trained I don't use kennels and let our pets run freely in the house and no harm is done. If you are talking about a Boarding Kennel then the cost can vary. It is wise to ask your vet who has the best kennel care and you should get your dog a kennel cough vaccination (dogs can pick this up from other dogs that are at the kennel.) Cheap is 'not' always the best so choose wisely.

How can I start a dog boarding business?

You first need to come up with your exact business plan, next would come marketing and how you plan to get your business out there to people.You need to obtain the necessary licensing and insurance needed and then purchase the needed kennel supplies.