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You obtain, public employers, contents building and treatment cover for Tattoo & Piercing studios in the UK from various sources. A licensed insurance broker is likely to be the best starting point.

Because this is a niche market, you may have to contact an excess and surplus lines company via an insurance broker. Regardless of where you are located, make sure that the risk-bearing entity (the entity that is financially responsible for the payment of claims) is properly licensed by the appropriate regulatory authority.

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Q: Where can you get liability insurance on a tattoo and body piercing shop?
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Why are body piercing banned?

Banned where? There are tattoo/body piercing parlors everywhere.

Is a license required for body piercing?

Yes! Do not go to someone to get a body piercing (or tattoo) if they are not licensed.

Where to buy lip rings?

Any body piercing facility or tattoo studio that does body piercing as well.

Why can't body piercers get liability insurance?

Most Insurance companies consider the body piercers to be too high a risk to offer insurance. In addition, Body piercing as a profession is such a small sector that most insurers do not consider it a large enough market to develop a specific insurance program for it.

Where can you get snakebites?

Any good body piercing studio in your area, listed in the yellow pages under "Body Piercing " or "Tattoos" ( some tattoo shops do piercing as well ) .

What might be hidden on a body guard's body?

weapon, ear piercing, tattoo, whistle

Where can you get Insurance for Mobile Body Piercing?

In the U.S. and in Canada getting insurance for a new non experianced operator of a body piercing studio is next to impossible and you will not get malpractice insurance at all. Impossible for a mobile facility that can not be readily inspected by local health officials, post 911 all insurance companies have said out and out no to new policies covering body piercing and tattooing. They have even cancelled existing policies for tattooing and body piercing.

Do you have to go to a tattoo place or just to ardenes to get industrial earrings?

Industrial piercings are done with a needle in the hands of a trained professional body piercer. Ardenes is not a body piercing facility, they are not licensed to do body piercing nor do they know how to do industrial piercings. They use piercing guns for ear lobes only. See a professional body piercer at a body piercing studio or your local professional tattoo shop.

Does human body insurance insurance?

I need answer why human body inssurance does not exist, like car insurance/liability insurance or full coverage.

Where is the House of Cards Tattoo and Body Piercing shop located?

Fans of professional piercings or tattoos can find the House of Cards Tattoo and Body Piercing in Phoneix, Arizona, at 3202 E. Greenway Road, Suite 1315.

Can I get HIV from a tattoo or body piercing?

If equipment isn't properly sterilized, it is possible.

What are some names of tattoo shops?

Skin Art Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio NAUGHTY NEEDLES Holier Than Thou Straight to the Point Tattooing & Body Piercing Inkspirations Tattoo Studio Max Shock Tattoos Phoenix Tattoos Harry's Ink Archangel Tattoo & Piercing Tongue-n-Cheek JAGGED EDGE InkZone Tattoo Studio Tribe 2 Tattoos Creative Art Tattoo Studio Tiki Monkeys Tattoos

Where can you get liability insurance on beauty tanning and body piercing shop?

Contact a good agent, they will be able to assist you, if they do not sell the type of coverage/policy you need they will likely know an agent that does and can refer you.......

If you can't get a piercing is it true you can't get a tattoo?

That's the first time I have heard that in 15 years of providing body piercing services, some of those 15 years were in tattoo shops so that is new to me.

How old do you have to be to get a piercing in the state of Nevada?

You must be 18 years old to get a tattoo or a body piercing in the state of Nevada. Unless you have your parents consent.

What kind of insurance is needed for body piercing?

Buy a piercing-specific policy. Assuming you have a store, it will cover inventory, lost wages, etc. You can't buy a policy for body piercing unless you have several years of verifiable experiance, then you still will not be able to purchase malpractice insurance.

Where in unicentro can you go make a piercing that a safe place?

Look up Body Piercing in your local phone book, also check out the listing under Tattoos. Many tattoo studios also provide professional body piercing services.

How old do you have to be to get a body piercing or tattoo?

18 if your by yourself, but you can get one any age if you have an adult with you or give you permission.

Can a minor get a tattoo in New Hampshire?

No.age limit is 18 in nh,,but you can get a body piercing when a parent brings you

How many people have tattoos and body piercing?

Approximately 33% of Americans over age 18 have a tattoo.

What is the body piercing age in Ohio?

Here in the state of Ohio it is unlawful for any person under the age of 18 to get a body piercing or tattoo without proper parental consent i.e.; BOTH parents present at the time of paperwork and piercing, and a copy of your birth certificate. Most shops won't perform any piercing or tattoo until the age of 17, but a lot of shops still don't tattoo minors. It's just too much of a potential disaster and it doesn't generate good cred for your shop.

What is the medical definition of tattoo?

Body piercing and tattoos are a popular form of body art that have been practiced throughout history by various cultures.

What is covered by cheap liability car insurance?

Liability insurance covers damages to the property or body of others, it does not provide any coverage for yourself of your property. Each state has a minimum coverage which depicts the cost of "cheap" liability auto coverage.

Where can i buy good quality body jewelry for cheap?

Body jewelry can be bought at any local jewelry store in the mall, or at tattoo and piercing shops. Online, a website,, sells body jewelry and tattoo supplies at wholesale prices.

Does dimple piercing hurt?

im a tattoo artist and all i can say is every tatto or piercing hurts..a lot!!but when you put your body in a state of trans you wont feel a thing