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Here is advice: I recommend you talk with a local agent who can get to know your circumstances. Let them explain all the options including alternatives to traditional LTC insurance because there are some excellent options. Also, if you know you have some medical issues make sure the agent knows about them. Getting a quote for a perfectly health person may be interesting but irrelevant if you will never qualify for that rate. In my opinion anyone who would quote you without having you complete a brief pre-qualification form is wasting your time. They want to give you a low quote but will very often come back and tell you your actual rate will be higher, sometimes MUCH higher. I would prefer to be honest up front and let you make a decision based on reality. Your state insurance department is your best resource for insurance-related questions and concerns. Find information on insurance companies and agents, rate quotes and comparisons, insurance buying tips, claims filing information and much more.

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Q: Where can you get long term care insurance quotes?
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Where to Shop for Long Term Care Quote?

You can always request for free long term care insurance quotes online, it gives you faster results and it is free. See the related links below for a few resources where you can get free long term care insurance quotes.

How can you find long term insurance care cost?

There are many ways to find long term insurance care. Long term insurance care can be found on websites such as Nationwide, LongTermCare, and CompareLongTermCare.

Which companies offer federal long term care insurance?

The Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program (FLTCIP) specializes in offering federal long term care insurance to eligible groups and their relatives.

Where can one find long term care insurance?

One can find long term care insurance at many various health insurance websites like Blue Cross and Blue Shield. They have many options for long term care insurance.

Is long term care insurance the same as long term disability insurance?

Long-Term Care insurance protects asstes, disability income protects incomeNo, long term care insurance covers all the costs of a caregiver that is not covered by Medicare, Medicate and disability insurance. These services are quite extensive and expensive.

Where can one take out a long term care insurance policy?

One can take out a long term care insurance policy from several different places. Some of the places in which one can take out a long term care insurance policy from are: Long Term Insure Me, and Own Your Own Future.

What are some companies that sell long term care insurance?

Companies that sell long term care insurance are American Fidelity Assurance, Berkshire Life Insurance, MedAmerica Insurance and Prudential Insurance.

Are there insurance policies that cover only custodial care?

An insurance policy that covers custodial or personal care is a long term care insurance, generally, long term care insurance covers things that are not covered by health insurance. If you are unable to perform activities of daily living, or need assistance due to disability and chronic illness, long term care insurance covers these services. However, you need to buy it before your develop a condition that would require you to be on long term care

How can one get long term health insurance in the US?

One can get long term health insurance in the United States from LTC Insurance and AARP Medical Insurance. One can also get long term insurance from Long Term Care and Kaiser Permanente.

What is meant by long term care insurance costs?

Long term care insurance costs may refer to the costs incurred from a long term health condition such as cancer, cystic fibrosis, paralysis, HIV Aids or any number of other long term conditions. Insurance companies may have strict policies and limits when it comes to long term care insurance costs.

What has the author Valerie VanBooven written?

Valerie VanBooven has written: 'Aging answers' -- subject(s): Insurance, Long-term care, Long-term care, Older people 'The Senior Solution' -- subject(s): Long-term care, Long-term care insurance, Older people

What is the cost of Long term care insurance?

The cost of long term care insurance depends on your purchase age, location, and the benefits and policy features you choose.

How do you compare long term insurance?

a good agent can provide you comparison for Long-Term Care from few different top LTC insurance carriers.ANSWER:An agent can only provide you with long-term care insurance policies from one company, but an insurance broker can provide you with different policies from different ltc insurance providers. The easiest way that you can compare ltci from different ltc providers is by getting free ltci quotes online, so you can choose the best policy.

Where can one compare long term care insurance rates?

One can contact insurance companies directly or work with a broker to collect and compare offers for long term care insurance. Alternatively, websites like Compare Long Term Care can provide such a list for comparison.

How accurate are online term life insurance quotes?

Online term life insurance quotes is generally off by 10%

Is long term care insurance deductible?

If you are referring to tax deductibility, yes, long-term care insurance is tax deductible. Age determines tax deductibiliby. Please refer to the related links below to check the limits of tax deduction for long-term care insurance:

How can one apply for a long term care insurance premiums?

One can apply for long term care insurance premiums by visiting the Federal Long Term Care Insurance Program website. One can view different plans and also read information regarding the plans and costs.

What is term life insurance quotes?

Term life insurance quotes are estimates of monthly payments for life insurance, which pays for funeral expenses after death.

Where is the best place to acquire AARP long term care insurance?

The only place to acquire AARP long term care insurance is directly from AARP. AARP partners with insurance companies to offer these insurance policies.

When should one consider buying long term care insurance?

Cost-wise, you'll pay significantly less per month if you purchase long term care insurance when you're in your mid 40s than you will spend when you buy long term care insurance in your mid 60s.

What are two services that Ameriprise Insurance offers its patrons?

Ameriprise is an insurance company a few of it's insurance offers include long term care insurance as well they also offer short term care insurance and term insurance for their patrons.

Does medical insurance cover long term care insurance?

There are various companies that cover different types of needs.If you are looking for Long Term Care coverage, ask your insurance carrier. If they don't cover it, there are places out there that do.The internet,phonebook and your friends can be excellent ways of finding what you are looking for. Basically, medical insurance do not cover or pay all long term care (LTC) services, medical insurance is focused on health care while long term care insurance is focused on custodial care. It may provide skilled care for a limited period of time only.

Are long-term care insurance policies the same?

Currently, there is no universal standard for defining long-term care facilities.

What is the cost of long term care insurance per state?

There is really no fixed rate for the cost of long-term care insurance, it may vary depending on several different factors. These factors include age, health, state of your location, extent of coverage and even the insurance company where you choose to buy long-term care insurance

Is portable life insurance the same as long term health care?

No. You will only get "insurance" from an insurance company.