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You can go to BROWNELL'S Web Site and for a fee you can download the schematic and parts list for the 39A Marlin. Brownells or Gun Parts Corp. Brownells is always the better choice!

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โˆ™ 2006-12-08 23:53:36
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Q: Where can you get parts and a schematic for a 1967 Marlin 39A Golden Mountie?
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Where can you find a bolt for a ranger model 103.4 22 clip fed rifle?

The correct answer is Numrich gun parts. Or, just google Marlin A1 schematic and it will show you a list of parts that you can order and a complete schematic to view.

Where can i get parts for a Marlin little joker 22 short revolver?

I have a marlin little joker i will sell for parts

Where can you get parts for a marlin model 80 22 caliber riffle?

Numrich gun parts, look under Marlin/Glenfield parts list

Where can you find parts for a Marlin model 200M?

Try Marlin Firearms Co., Numrich Gun Parts Corp., or Gun Parts at the link below.

How do you find the schematic for a springfield model 67 series e 410?

You might try Numrich Gun Parts Corp.If they have parts,then they may have a schematic for the firearm in question.

Does the Marlin 3085S and the Marlin 336 have interchangeable parts?

It is the exact same rifle as the Glenfield Model 30A, and yes parts are the same as the Marlin 336. Forearm is the cap style.

Where can you find parts for a sears roebuck 22 rifle mod42dl-10319800-22cal sl lr jc Higgins?

Once you cross reference mod 42dl (Sears mod 103.19800) you will find your rifle is really the Marlin arms Mod 80. Parts are available from Numrich Arms at . Your parts and a schematic will show up under the Marlin 80. Good Luck Joe

Where can you find parts for Marlin 120 shotgun?

numrich's gun parts has a fair selection of new and used parts for that firearm...

Does any one know about the Glenfield-Marlin model 40 and are the model 60 parts the same what is it worth?

Made only in 1979, the rifle is also numbered as a Marlin 49 or a Revelation 150. SOME parts are similar to the model 60. (also known as Numrich) has SOME parts for the Marlin 49. If you visit their website, there is a schematic for the Model 49, with part numbers. You can compare part numbers with the Model 60. Same number, same part. Good luck!

Where can a parts diagram for a Marlin 336 W be found?

Look at either Brownells or Numrich Gun Parts. Both have diagrams for the 336 Marlin.

Where can you get parts for a marlin model 70hc?

Try, ebay,, and Marlin. Good luck

Can you get parts for your marlin rifle?

Brownells and midway have them

Where do you get parts for marlin 60w rifle?

Marlin Firearms Parts & Service 1-800-544-8892 Best customer service in the firearms industry.

Where can I find parts for a marlin 120?

numrich gun parts at!

Where can you find parts for a marlin 880?

Try Numrich gun parts corp.

How old and where parts are available Marlin model 1893 3030 345935?

there is a marlin collectors site or

Where can you get a parts list for a 22 caliber Marlin Model 6085 Limited Edition?

Parets for the OTASCO 6085 are identical as those used in a model 60 Marlin from 1985. They can be purchased from Marlin, Brownells, or Gun Parts Corp.

Where can you find a parts list and schematic of the Sears Roebuck single shot 20 gauge model 101.40B?

It is a Stevens 940B. I have the schematic.

Where to get parts for Marlin Mark I shotgun?

Where do i find parts for a model 56 marlin?

I have a Marlin Firearms Co. 12 gage, bolt action shotgun.

Is there an engine wiring schematic for a 1981 Volvo 242 DL?

Yes, there is an engine wiring schematic for a 1981 Volvo 242 DL. You can find this schematic online at places like Volvo Tips and E Euro Parts.

Where 1996 Chevy Tahoe rear differential schematic?

The 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe rear differential schematic diagram can be obtained from most Chevrolet dealerships. The schematic diagram can also be found at most auto-parts stores.

Parts for a marlin model 99 M1?

Google Numrich Arms. They have many parts.

Who can provide a parts schematic for the Parker Trojan Shotgun?


Who made the Revelation model 150 22 caliber long rifle from Western Auto Supply Co?

I believe it was a Marlin model 49. I had one of these myself in the 60's. If you are trying to find replacement parts, then you can use the Marlin parts as is. That is what I did, parts for Marlin are easier to find and sometimes cheaper.