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Where can you get pictures of both the early and modern space shuttles?

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There have been six shuttles, the first being the Space Shuttle

Enterprise (OV-1). Although the Enterprise was never

intended for use in for orbital missions, its primary use was as a

test vehicle for in-atmosphere flight tests of the 747 aircraft

"taxi" system that moved the shuttle from Edwards AFB or other

alternate landing sites to Kennedy Space Center in those cases

where the shuttle couldn't land at KSC. It was also used to test

the shuttle's glide and landing capability.

The original 4 space-capable orbiters are:

  • OV-099 - Challenger (originally STA-099)
  • OV-102 - Columbia
  • OV-103 - Discovery
  • OV-104 - Atlantis

Shuttle Endeavour (OV-105) was built to replace


The easiest way to get pictures of each shuttle is from the main

NASA or Kennedy Space Center websites at the links below. Each

shuttle is listed by mission, and each mission has a complete

record of low and hi-resolution pictures available for download by

the public.

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