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However, the central issue of motivating an older child to wear a diaper will most likely involve seeing a child psychologist, as there are most likely deeper, psychological issues at hand.

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maybe? clarify you gotta be specific

because of the category i will assume its for kids. if its for babies you don't need to hide it. if its for older kids, buy small adult diapers and say its for you or whoever if someone discovers them.

All kids 12 and under are best off in diapers or pullups. Kids always have to pee at the worst times. A pullup can be easily pulled down to use the bathroom. It is just there for protection.

Tell them that they'll get lots of money.

Not if they are already potty trained.


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Babies wear diapers of course. Some kids(including tweens and teens) use a sort of diaper when sleeping because of a bladder problem and also elderly people wear diapers.

my life is cool! mummy changed my diapers :)

Factories in China and other child labor countries put kids in diapers to save on bathroom trips..

sorry no pictures on this site

As long as possible. Why burden them with the embarrasment of accidents

If your friend is in a diaper why not, what does it hurt and you might like it. i think its a good idea 2 wear diapers with a friend that wears diapers to make them feal better about their self. Diapers also feel good and if you got to piss just go in them. I think it not right unless it was their choice. if it was, buy them some yourself.

There are some strollers for older kids, up to four or five years of age.

I take pictures of kids all the time and i don't feel that there's anything wrong

Change diapers Wash dishes Feed kids

A babysitter for young kids, running a daycare, or working at a diaper factory.

Yes probably but it would be very inapropriate

Facebook Not for KidsNo, unless you are 15 or older

There are 22 ris for the older kids, but for the littlee kids there are 21 :P There are 22 ris for the older kids, but for the littlee kids there are 21 :P

Um. No. I mean, when the kids a baby and in diapers or something, yeah you kind of have to. Or when a little older you might have to check once in a while to be sure they're keeping clean... but staring at their pricates? That's not only rude, but kinda disgusting.

You can go onto google images and type in Michael Jackson's kids and pictures will come up.

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