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Pictures of Npc's are actually often found on the guildwiki sites beside the characters name. You can also look through the galleries at to see if you find anything there.

If you mean pictures of your character, you can take your own with the print screen button on your keyboard then find them saved in your Guild Wars folder under screens.

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Is Guild Wars For Girls?

Ive Seen The trailers for guild wars showing just girls is it just for girls or can you create boy characters? Guild Wars is for people with no life, so yes, some girls play. Both boys and girls can enjoy guild wars

What are the names of the games that come with the Guild Wars Trilogy for PC?

Guild Wars Trilogy consists of the original Guild Wars,Guild Wars Factions, and Guild Wars Nightfall.

Can you make more than one person in guild wars 2?

Yes, an account in Guild Wars 2 can build a base of 6 characters, after that you have to buy more slots. You can have up to 64 characters total in an account.

If you uninstall guild wars will your saved games be deleted?

No. Guild Wars doesn't save character data to your computer. It's all stored within the ArenaNet servers, so even if you uninstall the game from your computer, your characters will persist. You can also log in to your account from another computer with Guild Wars installed and play on your characters from there.

What is better World of Warcraft or guild wars?

Guild Wars

When was Guild Wars created?

Guild Wars was created in 2005-04.

How would guild wars relate to historical events?

The Guild Wars relate to invasions and wars amongst its people. There were three Guild Wars. Wayfarer's Reverie is a celebration celebrating the Guild Wars that occurs in August through September.

What was the first guild in guild wars?

The first guild in Guild Wars was named Zealots of Shiverpeak. Their guild tag was [ZoS]. They were founded in the year 2003, on the 10th of October during the game's alpha testing, and they remain the oldest guild in Guild Wars to this day.

When did Guild Wars Prophecies happen?

Guild Wars Prophecies happened in 2005.

When did Guild Wars Factions happen?

Guild Wars Factions happened in 2006.

When did Guild Wars Nightfall happen?

Guild Wars Nightfall happened in 2006.

What is guild wars?

Guild Wars is the best game ever! You don't have to pay a monthly fee which is cool. You install it into your computer and then it is run through internet. Guild Wars has the core/main edition plus Nightfall and Factions. Soon they are going to come out with a Guild Wars 2! If you type in Guild in your search bar you will go to the main website for guild wars!

Where is the guild registrar in guild wars?

he is in ascolon. he is in ascolon.

What is the history of guild wars?

the history of guild wars is: the meaning of life and history of sliced bread.

Your account got stolen in guild wars what should you do?

you should email guild wars support

When was Guild Wars Prophecies created?

Guild Wars Prophecies was created on 2005-04-28.

When was Guild Wars Factions created?

Guild Wars Factions was created on 2006-04-28.

When was Guild Wars Nightfall created?

Guild Wars Nightfall was created on 2006-10-27.

Do you have to buy normal guild wars then buy guild wars factions or just buy guild wars factions and what guild wars factions box do i buy?

the only current version of guild wars that requires the purchase of another is the Eye of the North expansion. prophecies, factions, and nightfall can all be purchased independently from each other and played as separate games

Does guild wars have a assasin?

Yes. In Guild Wars Factions there are two new professions, Ritualist & Assassin.

How do you make a demo account on guild wars?

u dont have to pay a monthly fee for guild wars

What is the guild wars font?

It is a custom-made font just for usage for Guild Wars. It is unavailable for fansites.

How do you unInstall guild wars?

For Windows XP and earlier Windows OSes:Click Start.Click Settings (if present).Click Control Panel.Double-click Add or Remove Programs.Click the Change/Remove button for the Guild Wars listing.A Guild Wars window will appear prompting you with two options under 'What would you like to do?'. Select Reinstall Guild Wars to its current location to reinstall Guild Wars or select Uninstall Guild Wars to uninstall the client.For Windows Vista:Click on the Windows buttonClick on Control PanelFind Programs and then click on Uninstall a ProgramClick on Guild WarsClick on Uninstall/ChangeA Guild Wars window will appear prompting you with two options under 'What would you like to do?'. Select Reinstall Guild Wars to its current location to reinstall Guild Wars or select Uninstall Guild Wars to uninstall the client.If you choose to uninstall Guild Wars, you will need to go into your hard drive and delete the Guild Wars folder. The Guild Wars folder is installed by default in [localdisk]:\Program Files\ . Please be aware that by deleting this folder you will delete any screen shots stored in the Screens folder.Note: If you reinstall Guild Wars the screen shots in the Screens folder will not be deleted.

How many Guild Wars players are there in the world?

Guild Wars has approximately six million registered accounts, at this time.

How much processor power is needed to play Guild Wars?

You will need at least a 1.5ghz processor to play Guild Wars.