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They aren't plug ear piercings. They're just bigger gauge piercings. You can get them at a piercing shop which are usually joined with tattoo shops. Just check in your area. The price will be a bit more than standard gauge piercings. Punches are usually more than piercings but I don't know what size you're getting so I can't say whether you're getting a punch or piercing. Some shops don't do punches but most do so just ask.

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โˆ™ 2011-01-11 18:48:07
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Q: Where can you get plug ear piercings done?
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Does walmart do ear piercings?

yes, but they do not do cartilage piercings. and the ear piercings they do perform are done with the gun and for sanitary purposes i wouldn't recommend it.

What if you have 2 lobe piercings on your left ear and 1 on your right ear then you get your cartilage on your right ear does it mean you gay?

Absolutely not. Piercings are piercings...Wherever one chooses to have them done means nothing unless one gives it meaning. edited by asked no there not moron

Does chatters do good ear piercings?

When I got my done , They didn't even get them straight .

Bright blood after getting your ear pierced?

Properly done ear piercings don't bleed. You have hit a vien.

How many piercings does Britney Spears have and where?

Britney Spears has three ear piercings on her right ear, 1-2 ear piercings on her left ear, and one navel piercing.

Did Whitney Houston have piercings?

Ear Piercings.

Swimming in a pool after ear piercing?

Yes just be sure to wash the piercings once you are done.

Where are kendall Jenner have her piercings?

She has 4 ear piercings, 1 in one ear and 3 in the other.

What does a doublr ear piercing mean?

Just means that you have two ear piercings in the same area. It usually means either two ear lobe piercings or two cartilage piercings.

How many piercings does Kendall Jenner have?

She has 4 ear piercings, 1 in one ear and 3 in the other.

Can you swim in a pool immediately after ear piercing?

Yes just be sure to wash the piercings once you are done.

Do chemist do ear percings?

No, Body Piercings has been done by professional piercers having certificate of professional training.

Does Mandy van duyne have any piercings?

Yup =] Ear piercings.

How do you get your ear pieced?

well to get your ear pieced depends in wear you get it done if you want to get it pierced up on the top of your ear you are better to get it done with a needle and it will help so the cartilage want turn and it you want to get the bottom done you can pretty much go any were that does piercings. hope this helps :)

How many piercings does kylie Jenner have?

Yes, she has 12 piercings in total. 4 on her right ear and 8 on her left ear.

Does Miley Cyrus have any piercings?

Yes. She has 10 piercings. -On the left ear: she has 3 lobe piercings, & 2 cartilage piercing. -On the right ear: lobe piercings on the right ear & 1 cartilage piercing. -Belly piercing. -Nose pierced, on the right side.

Does claries do tragus piercings?

No. Claire's uses a gun to pierce, and tragus piercings can only be done with a needle. Claire's strictly does only Outer Ear piercings like the lobe and cartilage. Some Claire's don't even do cartilage.

Do ear cuffs need piercings?


Did vikings have ear piercings?

hell no

Where does Stephanie rice have piercings?

She has two piercings on her left ear and one on her right. (:

What kind of piercings does Megan Fox have?

She has double ear piercings on both sides

What piercings does Debby Ryan have?

Debby Ryan has three piercings in her left ear

How many ear piercings does Zendaya Coleman have?

Zendaya has the regular 2 piercings.

How many ear piercings does Britney Spears have?

Britney spears has 6 piercings.

Does naval piercings hurt more than ear piercings?

It is a tolerable quick pinch but more irritating then a ear lobe piercing.