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They aren't plug ear piercings. They're just bigger gauge piercings. You can get them at a piercing shop which are usually joined with tattoo shops. Just check in your area. The price will be a bit more than standard gauge piercings. Punches are usually more than piercings but I don't know what size you're getting so I can't say whether you're getting a punch or piercing. Some shops don't do punches but most do so just ask.

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Q: Where can you get plug ear piercings done?
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How high can you go on your ear with piercings if im under 13?

You can get anything on your ear pierced at any age. However, until you're eighteen, you'll need a parent with you to give consent for a piercer will do it.

How do i make my snake bite lip piercings even?

get them professionally done at a good shop

Can you get your cartilage pierced at walmart in claremont nh?

Well if they do ear piercing then they may be dumb enough to pierce the cartilage too. Listen you need to understand what you are not being told by these places when you want a piercing. They are not telling you they have no health inspection to do any form of ear piercing, nor do they have any form of business license to do ear piercing. You pay your money and really take your chances, seriously. Every year hospital emergency rooms and doctor's clinics see more piercing gun mistakes, piercings done incorrectly, with unclean materials, incorrect aftercare routines I could go on. If you want ear cartilage piercings done correctly and professionally then go to any local body piercing studio and talk to a body piercer. They are licensed and inspected to provide the service in a safe and professional manner and will help you if your run in to trouble.

Is it possible that a lip piercing can be a labret to?

Labret can be used to describe any lip piercing but it's most commonly used to reer to center lower lip piercings. Labret post jewelry can be worn in any lip piercing and even ear piercings.

Belly button piercing?

A belly button piercing,or naval piercing,is basically a piercing on the belly button. It can take about 4 to 6 months to heal after getting pierced. The legal age to get one depends on what state you live in. Most naval piercings are done in tattoo parlors or places that specialize in body piercings.

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Absolutely not. Piercings are piercings...Wherever one chooses to have them done means nothing unless one gives it meaning. edited by asked no there not moron

Bright blood after getting your ear pierced?

Properly done ear piercings don't bleed. You have hit a vien.

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What does a doublr ear piercing mean?

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Do chemist do ear percings?

No, Body Piercings has been done by professional piercers having certificate of professional training.

How do you get your ear pieced?

well to get your ear pieced depends in wear you get it done if you want to get it pierced up on the top of your ear you are better to get it done with a needle and it will help so the cartilage want turn and it you want to get the bottom done you can pretty much go any were that does piercings. hope this helps :)

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Yup =] Ear piercings.

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she has her monroe done, her ears one in each ear i think and her belly. dont know about anymore?