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Where can you get replacement barrels?


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2004-02-18 00:24:03
2004-02-18 00:24:03

Since you didn't supply a brand name & date of manufacture it is impossible to say. I assume though that it is an old gun out of existance, in that case your probobly out of luck. But if your real patiant do a search often on eBay. They have a lot of old gun parts going through there.


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there are many avenues to find barrels for A5's. Try the "" firearm barrel section. A5 barrels are sold there all the time.

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try looking on numrich gun parts they will have replacement parts including barrels.

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Barrels for a Remington 870 pump are running $80 and up around here. Depends on what you are looking for.

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Check the Remington website under customer service for a list of authorized repair facilities.

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