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That is also basically the same as a savage 5, 5a, 56, I have a schematic I got from u might want to check with him

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Q: Where can you get schematics for a Stevens model 66?
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Are there schematics for Stevens model 75 22 slide action?

schematics for a stevens model 75 22 slide action

Where can you find schematics on Stevens Model 80 Gallery Pump Gun?

Where can you get parts for a Stevens model 66-B?


What is the value of a Stevens model 66 rifle.?


How old is a j sevens model 66-B rifle?

Your stevens model 65/66 rifle was made during the years 1929-1945.

When were the Stevens model 66 c buckhorn made?

The savage/steven model 65-66 was made from 1929-1945 with total production being 174,000 guns.

When was the J Stevens Model 66-B 22 rifle manufactured?

From 1931 to 1935

What is the value of a Stevens Arms Company 22 rifle model 66?

50-175 USD

What is the age and value of J Stevens Arms Co Model 66-B?

The Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values, 9th ed, shows the Stevens No.66 with a used value of $75 to $80.

Where can you find a schematic for a Stevens model 77 d 12 gauge shotgun?

Numrich has a gun parts website. Best bet for any gun parts or schematics...

Where can you find schematics for an old J Stevens pump 22 octogonal barrel rifle?

Go to and look through the schematics.

Where is the serial number on a j sevens arms co model 66-B?

There is the possibility that your Stevens model 66-B does not have one.Serial numbers were not mandated until 1968 by the GCA(gun control act).My records indicate that the Model 66 was made from 1929-1945.With a production of 174,000 firearms.

What is the value of a j Stevens model 66-B 22 rifle?

These range in price from 30-60 dollars.

Where can you find a peep sight for Stevens model 66?

Try the auction sites, ebay,, do a web search.

What is the value of Stevens Model 66 B rifle?

I have a model 66-Bm bolt action rifle. The front sight is missing, otherwise it is in excelent condition. It says paten pending. I don't find a serial number. When was it manufactured, what is it worth?

Looking for parts diagram for Stevens model 77A? PARTS LIST. FOR SCHEMATICS, SEE THE SITE AT NUMRICH - ABOVE Try

Where to get parts for Stevens model 60 shotgun? (605)343-9544 pH for a catalog of schematics etc. Larry Stafford,gunsmith Phoenix,Arizona (602)339-9088 shop

When Stevens Model 9478 made?

The Stevens model 9478 was made by Stevens between 1978-1985.

When was Stevens Model Dockyard created?

Stevens Model Dockyard was created in 1843.

Stevens-savage 22 model 15?

what can you tell me about the [ Stevens -savage 22 bolt action model 15

Which is older a model 15 or a model 52 j Stevens rifle?

the stevens model 15 was made from 1936-1945,while the stevens model 52 was made from 1933-1937.

How old is your Stevens model 15 a?

Your Stevens model 15A was produced from 1936-1945.

What is a Stevens rifle Model 778 worth?

Could your model be 775 or 774, NO 778 model by Savage or Stevens

Stevens model 94?

value of Stevens model 94 long tom perfect condition

What year was the Stevens model 30 serial?

Your Stevens model 30 was made from 1933-1934.