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I have no clue, but, after a while, your doctor would know, because you'll be pregnant!!!

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Can you buy sperm from a Sperm bank without a doctor's permission?

Well it depends on where you are having it sent. If you are having it sent to your home you will need a doctor to sign a release authorization that you will have to fax to the sperm bank before they can send you the sperm. If you are having the insemination done at a fertility clinic the sperm bank will send the sperm directly to the clinic and will not need a doctor's release authorization.This was how I experienced it when I used European Sperm Bank in Seattle. http://www.europeanspermbankusa.comGood luck!

Can a bank freeze your account without telling you?

no but a bank can freeze ur sperm without telling u

Husband open bank accounts without wife knowing is that fraud?

Opening bank accounts, by itself, without his wife knowing is not fraud. Failure to disclose them during a divorce proceeding would be fraudulent.

When a guy goes into a sperm bank to donate could his partner go in with him and 'help' them get the sperm?

Doubtful. There would be no way of knowing which one gave the sample.

How do you get pregnant without a man?

Talk to God - He has done it before! go to a sperm bank.

Can you bring your own sperm to a sperm bank?

Yes, the Arctic circle sperm bank has a high success rate.

How much is your very rare banknotes worth?

No way to answer without knowing what the bank notes are, and their condition.

What kind of bank has no money?

A Sperm Bank

Checking account with a bank that you also have credit card with Can they garnish your checking account without you knowing?


Can two girls get pregnant?

Not without sperm so a male is needed.Not from each other. They need male sperm for a baby.If they want to have a baby they can always go to a sperm bank, or find a male donor.

Can a woman get pregnant by herself?

Usually no, there are women who will purchase sperm from a sperm bank and inseminate themselves - this would be about the only way to get pregnant without the assist from their friend or partner.

were is a sperm bank in beaumont texas?

There is no sperm bank in Beaumont. There are actually two in Texas, in Austin and in Houston.

How can you make money selling sperm?

sell it to a sperm bank.

How does sperm get into females?

Either sex, rape, or sperm bank.

Can sperm be collected from home and then stored in sperm bank?

It is usually collected ONLY AT the sperm bank so it can be placed in a controlled temperature environment before freezing.

If i have a government bank credit card how to buy mobile on installments?

Hard to determine your questions scope without knowing what a Government Bank credit card is. Need more info.

how can i get paid to be a sperm donor?

Go to a sperm bank and tell them you wish to donate how can i get paid to be a sperm donor?

Is there any possible way to become pregnant randomly?

You can not get pregnant without sex. Unless you go to a sperm bank. Hope this helps!

Where sperm are stored?

Well at a sperm bank, the freezer. In a human male, the testicles.

Arvest bank froze your account what can you do?

What reason did they give for freezing your account? Without knowing this I really can't advise you about what steps to take.

When you have reached your limit on a debit card does the bank give you a notice or does the bank let you go over the limit without you knowing?

This can vary from bank to bank. Some banks will give you notice, but some view it as your responsibility to keep updated information about your card.

Is ther a sperm bank in my aria. St peter or Mankato Mn if not wher is the closest sperm bank to me?

Citi Financial has loans like that 3201 Highway 5, Douglasville, GA - (770) 949-1052 were is the closest sperm bank to me

Can you save sperm at home?

i think you can as long as you freeze it but i suggest going to a sperm bank

Can I get a reverse mortgage through my bank?

Many lenders do not offer reverse mortgages and without knowing who your bank is, it is difficult to say if they are a good choice. You may want to start there and look for their recommendation if they do not offer them.

Where do you store lemon zest?

In a sperm bank

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