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  • You can actually write the station and address it to "wardrobe department" and they can tell you. All celebrities are dressed by the wardrobe department.
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Q: Where can you get the long-sleeved v-neck sweaters like Paula Deen wears on her show?
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What kind of sweaters does rob dyrdek wear?

Im pretty sure he wears DC

What are the sweaters called that One Direction wears in the X factor week 6 video diary?


Where can you purchase sweaters like Melanie Lynskey wears on 2 1 and a half men?

you could buy it from her

What does pippi long stockings wear?

Pippi wears a big old coat, various shirts (longsleeved), skirts (none past her knobbly knees), mismatched stockings, and her father's old big floppy shoes.

In the book Inkheart how does Meggie look?

She also has blue eyes and usually wears casual clothes like jeans and sweaters.

Is yellow stone ring Paula Deen wears on her show a yellow diamond?


What does Ron Weasley wear?

Ron Weasley wears many types of clothing, but he usually wears sweaters made by Mrs. Weasley when it is cold. A well known sweater of his is maroon with a large "R" on the front.

Why does Diane Keaton wear turtleneck sweaters?

because shes has vampire marks on her neck so she wears turtle necks to hide 'um.

What is a good sentence that uses the word adaptation?

Adaption is a form of the word adaptation. Adaptation is the preferred form of the word.An example sentence might be:Marvin wears sweaters during the summer due to his slow adaption to the new, cooler, climate.

What is Zayn Malik's favorite letter?

M probably because he always wears sweaters and varsity jackets with "M" on them. Plus his last name (Malik) starts with "M"

Where can you find the blouses like Paula Deen wears on her show?

I love Paula Deen! The only thing I love more than her food are her clothes! I finally found a place that sells the kind of blouses she wears. I hate having to travel out to department stores that end up not having what I want!Anyway, check out Tianello.comI think she wears the Aida Blouses!

In Twilight what does Bella often wear?

in the movie (and probaly the books) Bella wears tomboyish clothes (t-shrits, sneaks, hoodies etc.) but as she begins to fall in love with edward she wears more form fitting clothes(camis,boots and uggs ,sweaters etc.)

How do you dress like Angelina Jolie?

wear neutrals such as gray, white, brown, and especially black. Choose simple pieces. She wears alot of pants with sweaters and scarves and flats.

What does Nancy drew look like?

Nancy Drew is old-fashioned. She has shoulder length strawberry blonde hair, she wears loafers, hand-knitt sweaters, and skirts. She is known for her detective work.

What does a ballet dancer usually wears?

Depending on the school the dancers wear a certain color leotard, pink tights, and pink shoes. Some schools allow warm up attire such as shorts, skirts, legwarmers, or sweaters.

Does Paula Deen wear a wig?

No, she wears clip in hair pieces and tons of product and has her hair professionally styled and it looks way better and different than it did when she first started.

What is the conclusion in Grease?

They both change for each other: Sandy gets all dressed up in hip clothes and makeup and starts smoking ciggarettes; Danny joins a sports team and wears letterman sweaters.

Where does Paula Deen get her bracelets she wears?

Paula Deen get's a lot of her jewelry from Levy Jewelers in Savannah. Also she loves bling by Charles Krypell from New York, which is sold at Levy's. This is where her engagment ring came from. This is also the store where Jamie purchased Brooks diamond bracelet. It's a very upscaled jewelry store, 4th generation family own business and absolutely wonderful people to do business with. Her engagment ring did not come from Tiffany's. The necklace Paula wears (diamond w/diamond chain) came from Levy. You can look it cost $21,000.00. She bought it right after her first TV show started.

What is somthing you wear that starts with the letter V?

Things one wears starting with V include: Vests V-neck sweaters Vaseline Vuarnet sunglasses Vicks Vap-o-Rub Velcro Vertical stripes Victor Emmanuel designs Versace designs

Which teenage mutant ninja turtle wears yellow?

None. Leonardo wears blue, Donatello wears purple, Rafael wears red, and Michaelangelo wears orange.

Which type of shirt became popular after Green Day's Basket Case video?

I'm not sure what you're referring to, although if you mean the "When I Come Around" video, then I know the answer: Horizontally-striped sweaters became popular because of what Billie Joe wears in the video. I hope that helped.

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duncan wears a busby

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Yes, wears is a verb.

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On the days that she wears panties at all, she wears g-strings.

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He wears Plugs