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Where can you get the mystic ticket in FireRed?

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March 02, 2012 2:08AM

OK, First you need 2 game boy advances, 2 wireless link adapters, and fire red,

leaf green, or emerald. Second, get the mystery gift by going to any poke mart

and then enter this on the paper near the guy that sells stuff ' link together with all ' he will then give you the mystery gift. Now save and soft reset

and get your 2 game boy advances and wireless adapters after that use mystery gift on both of them with the adapters attached ( the mystery gift is on your menu ) select wonder card and get your mystic ticket ( its a random item

every time so keep trying ) and there you go.

P'S: don't listen to other people about this saying ' you need a game shark' or

' its only at Nintendo events Sorry.