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Q: Where can you get the purified claymore of destiny in AQWorlds?
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How you get Purified Claymore of Destiny sword in aqw?

you can find the claymore here's a good NPC there... just accept the quest of "Purified Claymore" and it turns in Purified Claymore of Destiny...and by the way just type /join tercessiunotlim or i you can't enter just collect 20x bone dust

How do you get Purified Claymore of Destiny?

first u have to get warrior claymore from those undead berserkers in the marsh( the calymore is a rarae drop, so take your time), then you go to tercessuinotlim, and find polish, the good magician. talk to him/her, and do the whatever purified claymore quest, but it requires good rnk 8 or something. after you do the quest, u get the purified claymore, wish dis helps.

How do you get the claymore sword in AQWorlds?

buy it

How do you get the purified blade of destiny in aqworlds?

I honestly don't knowSorry,Good luck trying to find out though!

How do you get the Renowned Arcane Claymore in AQWorlds?

Go to arcangrove, go into the Tower of Magic and go into the portal stuck in the tree, not the red one.

Where do you get a Destiny weapon on Dragon Fable?

i think you purified doom weapons

What are the best weapons in AQWorlds?

The best one is Platnium Axe of Destiny which is no longer avaliable.

How can you get the platinum axe of artix in aqworlds?

In AQWorlds, you get the platinum axe of destiny from Artix. The axe is a gift from Artix when you help test something big. You can also buy it from Atrix for 1000 gold in his storyline test shop.

Where you can get a blade of destiny in aqworlds?

You can't it's only moderators and administrators that can. Don't worry there are plenty of weapons in the game that you can get.

How do you get artix's axe aqworlds?

the platinum axe of destiny was a platinum version of artix's axe but has gone rare now, the Blinding Light of Destiny his real axe u can get after doomwood part 2 finishes probably

What is the worst magic claymore in oblivion?

It is a drain fatique claymore called the Claymore of wearious.

How tall is Christie Claymore?

Christie Claymore is 5' 8".

Will there be a Claymore season 2?

There does not appear to be a Claymore Season Two in the works.

When do you unlock a claymore in mw3?

You unlock Claymore at Level 53 in MW3! :-)

When did Operation Claymore happen?

Operation Claymore happened on 1941-03-04.

How do you get the weapon purified claymore of destiny in aq worlds?

first you have to go to terrocluism... whatever anyway kill 30 dark makai, second when the rode path thing is on the right and going upward and the hole there will have polish an enchancer a servant to divinity you must be good rank 8 and you acept it and then you get a warrior clamore and then go there and TADA the quest is done.;););););0;);););0l;0;0):):0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:00:):;00):0;

What is the birth name of Peter Claymore?

Peter Claymore's birth name is Peter Babick.

What weapon is a claymore?

A claymore is a sword which is a variant of a medieval late longsword. This sword was not only used as a battlefield weapon but also as a gravemarker when a claymore dies. It is used in both medieval and early modern periods.

What does a claymore look like?

A claymore, the ancient scottish weapon, looks like a huge sword. A claymore, the antipersonnel mine device, looks like a small metal rectangle.

What is the place of origin of the M18 Claymore mine?

The place of origin of the M18 Claymore mine is the United States.For more information on the M18 Claymore mine i recommend visiting Military Factory the website.

Where do you get a dark crystal claymore on AQWorlds?

It is in the Evil Rep Shop located in Shadowfall (/join shadowfall). When you reach the map, go through the dragon (Fluffy) mouth and then the skeleton doorway on the left. There you will see a skeleton holding a spear and you will be able to buy it from the Evil Shop there if you're currently evil.

How do you get frozen claymore in Dragon Fable?

You get the frozen claymore when you fight Akriloth the dragon but it is temporerey.

What are Claymore ETFs currently known as?

The Claymore ETFs (Exchanged Traded Funds) is a Canadian investment and trade fund. The Claymore Oil Sands Sector ETF, for example, focuses on sustainable oil sands.

What does an airsoft claymore do?

Basically the same thing a real claymore does, you put in bbs( I suggest .12) and you push the detonator, and bbs fly everywhere. Its not like the claymore form cod or anything, its long range.

How do you get a claymore on zombies?

go to where you turn the power on, next go south west to the claymore for $1000 hope this helps