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Where can you get the song that The American Red Cross used in a commercial about the blood flowing threw the heart?

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Who Founded the American Red-cross Blood program?

The American Red Cross was founded by Clara Barton and her circle of acquaintances. The American Red Cross Blood Program was initiated by Dr. Charles R. Drew.

Where may I find information about all blood types?

The American Red Cross website is a great reference for blood types. The American Red Cross can give you very detailed information on all blood types.

What does the American Red Cross do with the blood donations?

After collecting bags of blood, the American Red Cross will distribute the blood to all hospitals, donate it to the needy and if the supply permits, it is filtered into various components and these components are used in research.

How can I figure out what my blood type is?

The American Red Cross Association will often mail a card to your home address with your blood type after donating. If you have already donated blood with the American Red Cross, your blood type is stored in their database and can be retrieved by a simple call.

Explain why the blood flowing to your lung is different from those are flowing out?

Answer:Blood flowing to your lungs is full of carbon dioxide, which gets exchanged in your lungs and the blood flowing out of your lungs is clean/purified with oxygen in it.

Does American Red Cross drug test the blood in Arkansas?


When did American Red Cross stop segregating blood?

The American Red Cross stopped segregating its blood supply system after WW2, except in the former confederate states, where it remained segregated well into the 1960s.

Blood that is flowing back to the heart is?

In the cardiac cycle, blood flowing into the heart is called the systole.

What prevents blood from flowing backward in veins?

veins contain valves that prevents blood flowing backwards between heartbeats.There are valves in the veins that stop the blood from flowing backwards.

In what way is blood flowing to the lungs different from those flowing to the other parts of the body?

The blood flowing from the heart to the lungs is full of carbon dioxide while blood flowing from the heart to the other parts of the body is full of oxygen.

How do you find out what type of blood you have?

When you give blood the first time for the american red cross, they will send you a donor card with your blood type on it.

Who helped set up the American Red Cross blood bank?


Can you donate blood if you have had acupuncture done?

according to the american red cross eligibility, you can

Is there a difference between blood from the living and blood from the dead?

living- blood is flowing through the body and is oxygenated dead- not flowing and has no oxygen in it

Who supplies nearly 50 percent of the blood and blood products in the US?

Clara Barton (The Angel of the Battlefield) created The American Red Cross in 1881. The American Red Cross has at least 8 regional centers, 1,000 local chapters, and 36 blood services regions that collect, process, and distribute blood and blood products to hospitals and medical centers. The American Red Cross supplies 50 percent of the blood and blood products used in the U.S. Quite a legacy for a shy young girl from Massachusetts.

Which flaps of muscle keep blood from flowing backward through the heart?

Your heart keeps your blood "flowing"

What do veins have which prevent blood from flowing towards the heart?

Veins have valves which stop the blood from flowing backwards

Major accomplishments of Charles drew?

he invented the blood bank in 1937 American Red Cross blood bank

How does the blood to a heart and lung keep flowing in the same direction?

There are two ways that blood is kept flowing in the same direction. The heart is pumping it in that direction, and blood vessels contain valves which prevent blood from flowing in the wrong direction.

Why did Dr Charles Drew stop working with the red cross?

Charles stopped working with the Red Cross Blood For Britain project when he learned that African American blood was segragated.

Where does blood flowing to the left atrium enter?

Blood flowing into the left atrium comes from the two pulmonary veins.

What keeps blood from flowing back into the a chamber of the heart?

The (valve) keep blood from flowing back into the chambers of the heart.

What percentage of people have ab positive blood?

3.2% according to the American Red Cross

Where can one go to find places to locally donate blood to the Red Cross?

The American Red Cross web site has a section on donating blood. Appointments can be set up on line for near by Red Cross locations. Hospitals in the area would also have information about donating blood to the Red Cross.

Valves inside the veins prevent blood from flowing where?

The valves keep the blood flowing in the same direction, towards the heart.