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somewhere over the rainbow

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โˆ™ 2008-03-08 22:46:44
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Q: Where can you get white trashistan CD?
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What white CD media works with thermal transfer printing?

There are various media companies making white CD media which can be used with thermal CD printers. One of these is KODAK CD-R Ultima Thermal Printable White Media. - Neeraj Sharma

How do different colors appear on CD?

When white light shines on the CD, the light is separated into seven colours, so different colours appear on the CD.

What CD did george Jones release in 1959?

White Lightning

Name of the bonus CD that came with the album The Silence in Black and White by hawthorne heights?

It's the same as the name of the CD.

What eminem CD is white with a black e on it?

The Marshall Mathers LP

Where is Tony Joe White Album Closer To The Truth?

in my cd-player!!

How do you find the remote wire in the back of your CD player of a 04 mustang?

usually the blue wire with the white stripe in any CD player

Where is the white box on the CD case for the sims2?

Its a 3D sticker at the bottom left corner on the back of the CD case and it has numbers and possibly capital letters.

Where did Motionless in White record their new CD Creatures?

Wade Studios in Ocala, Florida

What is the name of the weird Al CD that includes the song White and Nerdy?

"straight outta lynwood"

In home appliances what products belong to white lines and brown lines?

White lines are those appliances like TV and CD Players. White lines are refrigerators, freezers and washing machines

Are the plain white t's real?

Yes, The Plain White T's are real. They have a CD out. I think you can get it at American Eagle or Target. Places like that. K? Thanks!

What are the differences between CD formats such as CD-R and CD RW?

CD-R is a CD-Recordable and a CD-RW is a CD rewriteable.

What is wrong with a compact disc when you put a CD in and it will no read CD?

If the CD Player will not read the CD then either there is something wrong with the CD or the CD player or the CD or CD player needs to be cleaned.

How does a CD drive read a CD?

the CD drive has lasers which read the CD, so the CD has pieces that can be read.

Can you make the USB 2.0 External Slim CD/DVD Drive Enclosureanother color?

The unit is available in black and white.

What does it mean if your CD player says check CD and there's not a CD in there?

it mean there is no CD so make sure there is a CD in there

3 ways to join a CD sentence?

you can use CD,and / Cd;thus / or CD, so to join a CD sentence

What is formula to calculate daily interes on a CD?

what are cd-cd? *a cd=compact disc

What does the CD Drive do?

The CD Drive reads the information that is on a CD. If can also write information to a CD.

What is a Cd Rewriter?

A CD ReWriter is a CD drive that can use CD-RW, ReWritable CDs.

What does the CD mean on the periodic table?

Cadmium is Cd, not CD. There is no CD on the periodic table.

Are CD ROMs rewriteable?

CD-Rs and CD+Rs are not, but CD-RWs and CD+RWs are. You will need to check your burner to see if you need + or -.

Why does the computer not recognize the blank CD in the CD RW to try to burn a CD?

cos you have to have a good cd, that is the real cd with the stuff in it first

What is the difference between CD CD-R and CD-RW drives?

A CD Drive reads CDs.A CD-R drive writes to CD-R discs. Rewrite not possible.A CD-RW drive writes to CD-RW discs. Rewrite capable.CD drive can only read a CD and not write to it, the drive is called a CD-ROM drive. CD-R is a recordable drive, it will burn to CD-R discs, which can only be burned to one time.CD-RW drives support CD-R and CD-RW, which is the ability to burn to CD-RW discs, which can be burned to, and erased, hundreds of times.