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At the place they were put on. Actually, if you've moved, any orthodontist should have the necessary items to be able to remove them.

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Did Katy Perry get braces?

For the music video she did. When the headgear was removed, the braces were fake, but before the headgear was removed believe me they were real!

Does Christian beadles have braces?

he used 2 have but now he removed them :) no more braces!!!!!!!!

Does matty b have braces?

At one point MattyB did have braces, but he has had them removed now.

Does mattybraps have braces?

yes mattybraps did have braces but im not sure when he got them removed. i think he got them removed when he was 9, i think he is nine anyway... :)

Removing teeth before or after putting braces?

You get your teeth removed before braces are put on.

Are there marks on your teeth after you get your braces off?

As long as you brush your teeth while you have your braces, there will be no marks. I had no marks on my teeth when my braces were removed. Another student in my school, however, never brushed her teeth and when her braces were removed she actually had brown bands on her teeth. ~ T

Do they bury people with their braces on?

People are buried in their braces, or they can easily be removed at the parents or caregivers wish.(:

Does Niall Horan have braces on his bottom teeth?

Nope, Niall had braces on his upper teeth and recently had them removed

How do you take off braces?

You go to an orthodontist and get them removed

When did tom and bill kaulitz get braces?

Bill and Tom had braces briefly(2-3 months) before they had fame. When they were discovered they decided to get the braces removed.

Does Yandel from wisin y yandel wear braces?

Yes they both wear braces, it might seem that they have a grill..but it is braces. Also,they got their braces removed a while ago in 2009..

Did Kate gosselin have braces?

Kate Gosselin said on the show that she had braces and they were removed before she went into the hospital to have the sextuplets.

Can you eat goldfish with braces?

as long as the tail is removed first.

Is it safe to remove braces while being pregnant?

Yes. There is no reason not to have braces removed during pregnancy, if you are done with treatment.

Do you need a retainer before braces if you have an over bite?

Usually, retainers are used after braces are removed to "retain" the effect of the braces. It is like weaning the braces off the teeth. What does the word retainer mean? Exactly, to retain.

Can you have Monster energy drinks while you have braces?

Of course you can, braces don't stop you from drinking energy drinks. The orthodontists just don't recommend it because the sugar get behind your braces and then when the braces are removed there might be yellow stains.

Does Cody Simpson have a lisp problem?

No. His old braces did effect the way he use to pronounce certain words, but he recently had his braces removed.

Who in one direction has braces?

Niall Horan from one direction has braces but not for long he is schedueled to get them removed sometime in April. ~XOXO Gossipgirl

Is it necessary toi removes braces when having a dental cleaning?

No, braces don't have to be removed before a dental cleaning; otherwise, that would be a pain!

Where paige hurd's braces removed on the Justin Bieber video?

Yes she did because she had green braces at the time which would've looked awful on the video.

Can you have extractions while wearing braces?

Yes, I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed 2 weeks ago while wearing braces.

Why is a retainer used when braces have been removed?

Once the teeth have been moved into their new position, the braces are removed and a retainer is worn until the teeth stabilize in that position. Retainers do not move teeth, they only hold them in place.

Can you get your braces off and get invisalign?

It possible to do that. You would start over as far as fitting, etc. and you would have to pay to have the braces removed. But it depends on the specific issues with your mouth as to whether invisalign or traditional braces are better. If you have issues with your bite, you may have to keep braces.

Do you have to remove wisdom teeth to get braces?

no, your wisdom teeth wont stop you from getting your braces, the only teeth removed before getting braces are baby teeth. although getting wisdom teeth removed when theyre coming in is necessary, and if not then straightened teeth can be moved and pushed by incoming teeth, and crowding the mouth.

What is the difference between braces and rotaners?

Braces are metal bands/wires that are attached to the teeth and can only be removed by a dentist. A retainer is a small piece that is just one long wire that can be removed during meals, and eventually you just wear your retainers at night.

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