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I found some sites in the UK that don't mind if you do not have a prescription for contacts. Probably any sites overseas will be more open minded about the whole process.

In my opinion, I think having to have a prescription for contacts is ridiculous. I have yet to hear about anyone overdosing on contacts.

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โˆ™ 2009-10-08 19:42:13
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Q: Where can you get your contacts without a current prescription?
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Can you get contacts without going to the eye doctor first i tried to go to the eye doctor and get contacts but i couldn't get them in can i get some in my prescription to practice with thanks?

If you have a current prescription within 1 year old, you can order contacts online without going to the eye doctor. Once your prescription is over 1 year old, you will have to have another eye exam.

Where can you buy contacts without your Dr prescription?

You would have to order online from a foreign (ie, non-United States) source that did not require a current valid prescription. This is generally not advised as reputable companies that sell safe products in the US will require a prescription. The concern would be that a disreputable company would take your money and either not send you the contacts, send you the wrong contacts or send you outdated or contaminated contacts. This would be a "buyer beware" situation.

How much does colored contacts cost without a prescription?

5 cents if you buy from st vinnies

Do eye doctors think non prescription contacts damage your eyes?

It all depends on the type of contacts and prescription of your eyes.

Can the prescription for your glasses be the prescription for your contacts the same?

No. Contacts stick to your eye, and glasses lenses are an inch from your eye, so the powers are going to be different. My contact prescription is -6 and my glasses prescription is -7.25--a substantial difference.

How can colored contacts be non-prescription?

Colored contacts can be made with with zero strength so that they do not affect vision. This allows them to be non-prescription while still changing eye color.

Where can you find prescription cosplay contacts?

How often do you have to renew your contact lens prescription?

It depends on what kind of contacts and the amount given. Usually, for a "one month" pair, it'll be usually about six months per prescription, or six contacts per case. Usually contact lens prescription is good for one year. After the year from when you had your eyes exam, the office or you yourself can make another exam to see if you can still see in your current prescription.

Am I eligible to fill my contact lens prescription online?

You can get your contacts filled online. This though it not suggested. This is for the simple fact that if the contacts are order wrong you be without vision for a long time until it is corrected.

Do you have to have eye problems to get contacts?

No. There are many places that sell cosmetic (i.e. non-prescription) contacts.

How old do you have to be to get prescription contacts?

2 weeks old

Do you need another prescription for colored contacts when you already have regular contacts?

In fact yes.., Because after exposing your eyes to contacts for 2-6mos.The cornea should be re-evaluated as well as the quality of tears, But some of the patients go directly to buy contacts without prescription.. As an eye doctor I'll recommend to go for an eye examination first before buying any contacts and let the liscensed optometrist / ophthalmologist decide on which specifications or brands will fit in your eyes.

Why after wearing your contacts for the first week you notice that the things you used to see without contacts are not as sharp anymore?

Possibly dry eyes or the wrong prescription. You should go back to the eye doctor and have him re-check you.

Can you get subjoin without prescription?

can you get subjoin without a prescription

Can you wear contacts in boot camp?

No. They will provide you with prescription glasses.

Can you wear glasses and play football?

prescription goggles or contacts?

How do you make your eyes blue?

You might have to get blue eye contacts if your eyes are not good, but if your eyesight is perfect, you can get the contacts with no prescription in them.

How do you fix your eye contacts movement?

eyedrops for contacts, blinking slowly, gently move of the contact, or a new prescription.

Do you need glasses to have contacts?

no Unless you are getting colored contacts. If not, then you will need a prescription to get contacts. Most eye doctors want you to have both just in case your eyes get "tired' of wearing contacts.

Is it safe to wear colored contacts over prescription contacts?

No. Only one set of contacts should be worn at a time. Abrasions could occur, otherwise.

How do you Convert glasses prescription to contact prescription?

A prescription for glasses cannot be converted to contact lenses. They are two separate examinations as the curvature of the eye is key for the contacts.

How long does it take to get contacts after an eye exam?

It depends on the prescription and dermatoligist

What do you do if your contacts cant see what your listening to on msn?

then they aren't the right prescription

Where can you get contact lenses without a prescription?

If the contact lenses are for improving sight then you do need a prescription. If the contacts are for changing eye color then you can get those just about anywhere. For example, the Korean wig store at the B&I sells them at a good price. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Actually in the US any contact lenses, even plano or zero power contacts, are considered medical devices and as such require an eye examination, proper fitting and a current doctor's prescription to legally purchase even cosmetic contact lenses. See the related links section for more information on the rules regarding buying contact lenses without a prescription in the US. I 'improved' this answer more than a year ago and the above is still correct however I've since learned that the current US Rx laws in place regulate only the US based seller and not the buyer. So if the buyer has an expired prescription and finds a source outside the US they buyer can indeed get contact lenses without a prescription and not do anything illegal in the process. As to 'where' if you Google deep enough you can find links to plenty of sources in Canada and the UK that ship prescription contact lenses world wide and don't perform prescription verification.

Is marijunana legal without prescription?

Marijunana is not legal without a prescription.