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Contact lenses are clear and flexible, and fit on the cornea of the eye to correct vision. Questions in this category can include how to purchase and care for contact lenses, as well as health concerns.

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How do you put your contact lenses in your eyes?

Wearers of contact lenses share their views:

  • I use the EyePOD Contact Lens Kit to easily insert and remove my contacts. I just take the adapter, put it on the EyePOD, place a drop of water on the center of the adapter, place the adapter on the contact (my fingers never touch it anymore, no more worrying about how clean they aren't) then open my eye wide, look into the center of the adapter, and bring it to my eye, a light press, then the contact is on my eye, perfectly 1 try every time, it's pretty much the same to take them out
  • Wash your hands very well (personally, I like to wash with lukewarm water, because it cleans better than hot) and dry them properly. After that, take the hand you feel most comfortable with and grab your contact. With you free hand, take your index finger and pull towards the sky and your thumb and pull towards the ground. Then, look down (it may seem like you're poking yourself in the eye and you could mess up) and apply the contact to your eye. Next, take the contact finger and pull your bottom lid down and make sure that the contact matches your eye or until the contact sticks to your eye. Once you have it in your eye correctly, blink (but not too hard). If it feels weird, close your eye and rub the top part, because you may have an air bubble.
  • Your optometrist or contact lens fitter is obliged to demonstrate to you how to insert and remove lenses correctly. There are several different methods; you need to find one that will work for you. I strongly suggest that you do not follow the advice given below - if you insert or remove your lenses incorrectly, it can be very harmful to your eyes. And never take advice on solutions from anyone other than a qualified optometrist. I've seen some nasty cases of permanently damaged eyes caused by improper use of contact lenses and solutions. Your sight is precious - don't mess around with it!
  • Add two drops of Renu solution (doctors recommend sterile saline solution) and put the lens in the eye. Since there is liquid, it will stick fast. Rotate your eyes with the eyelids completely open. That's it.

    It's important that you go to an optometrist and get them to show you how to look after your lenses and also how to put them in.

  • Pull down the lower lid of your eye with your right hand and hold the top up with your left hand. Then, using the index finger of your right hand, put the contact in your eye. Wait for a second, then slowly remove your hand. The contact should stay in place on your eye.
  • I put the left hand over the top lid and pull it up. I hold the bottom lid down and place the wet contact on my middle finger. I hold my head straight and roll my eyes to look down. I touch the lens on my eye making sure my lashes don't touch the lens. The key is looking down with my eyeball.
  • Put an eye drop in each eye directly before placing the lens in. This will help lubricate and seal the contact to the front of the eye. I find that looking SLIGHTLY upwards helps me, but it may vary for you. Do not move your eyes until you have blinked a few times, and the contact should pretty well seat itself.

    If you are still experiencing difficulty, take your contacts into any glasses store, or your eye doctor, and they will show you. Bring your own solution.

  • First, practice touching the white of your eye, but not with your fingernails! You need to do this, or you will immediately blink when you try to put the contact in your eye for the first time. I usually look towards my other eye and then touch the eye towards the outside. You really need to get comfortable doing this before you will be able to put a contact in.

    When I'm ready to try putting it in my eye, I also look towards my other eye and put it in towards the outside. Don't put it in over your iris. I usually put a drop or two of saline in the lens before I put it in my eye. After a couple of blinks, it will find its way over your iris.

  • The first time you try it, you will get EXTREMELY frustrated and want to give up. The same thing goes for trying to get them out. It felt like I'd never get them in the first time.
Contact Lenses

How do you put contacts in your eyes for the first time?

Have a look at for a full how to guide of putting lenses in, very useful!

Contact Lenses

Does it hurt to spray contact cleaner in your eye?

If your talking about the contact cleaner that is to be used overnight then no. I put contact cleaner instead of saline solution in my eye and now i have to wear glasses for a week because my eye is bloodshot red and and highly irritated

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How to put on contacts with small eyes?

I have small eyes and the contact lady told me to hold open my eyelids all the way touch my eye and put my contact in.

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How do you sterilize contact lens cases?

a contact lens case is a case where you keep your contact lens compact and clean and if you do not no what a contact lens is its something you put in your eyes to help you see better in stead of using glasses

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Can contacts grow onto your eyes?

No. I think it's kind of like asking can gloves grow on your hands. But no. It's not a natural part and it won't exactly become one with your eye.

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Do contact lenses melt in heat?

No, modern contacts will not melt immediately because they are made of a plastic material that is hydrophilic, that is, it absorbs water. However, contacts that have been exposed to heat may dry out, and should be properly cleaned and rehydrated (isotonic saline solution) before placement in the eye.

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Can contacts pull out your cornea?

Contact Lenses

Where can I buy rainbow-colored contact lenses?

Rainbow-colored contact lenses can be found on a few websites that sell them online. These lenses have multiple colors on them like red, green, blue, etc. and one person said they saw them first on a MySpace layout.

See the related links for information and a website to purchase them.

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Is there a right age to wear a contact lens?

i used to wear lens when i was 14, but i suggest you to ask your eye care professional

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Color Blindness

How can short sightedness be cured?

contacts, glasses, laser eye surgery, take your pick.

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Why are contacts blue?

That is for you see them when immersed in the cleaning liquids so you can take them off with ease. Also, if you happen to let them fall down, it will be easier to find them than if they were fully transparent.

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Is it legal to buy contact lenses online without a prescription?

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Can you wear Geo Circle Lenses more than once?

Of course, you can. The lens life is up to a year, but if you wear them every day you want to change a lens after six months. Make sure to always be careful, and be very careful to buy good, safe lenses from a reputable dealer. GEO is good, and so is EOS. Just make sure that the lenses are really made by those brands. GEO has an authenticity checker for their customers. It is linked to on most websites owned by good sellers.

It seems to be true that GEO lenses are the best on the market ?

Thanks to give reasons if you think that some other brands are better.

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Can overexposure to light cause blindness?

yes, but it has to be very strong light.

Survivors of the nuclear blasts in Hiroshima and Nagasaki were reported to have gone blind even with their eyes closed depending on how close they were and if they were looking in the direction of the blast when it happened.

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What is ortho-keratology?

Orthokeratology, or Ortho-K, or simply OK, is using rigid contact lenses to reshape your corneas. This enables you to wear the lenses for a period of time, take them out, and be able to see without contact lenses or glasses at all, for a period of time. ANSWERS Modern Orthokeratology is the use of specially fitted hard gas permeable extended wear contact lenses that within a few days of full time wear can remove moderate amounts of nearsightedness for short periods of time. To maintain the change the lenses are worn as retainers while sleeping and taken off during the day until the changes become more permanent. Then the lenses are worn as needed any time to remove any blur that's returning.

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Should you wear ripped contact lens?

no, u could cause an injury to your eye by scratching it etc....

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Does Lady Gaga wear contact lenses?


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How do you determine your vision in terms of 20-X from your contact lens power in diopters?

It cannot be done with any precision.

With a near-average pupil size, an eye capable of good vision when corrected will have about 20-200 vision at -3.00 dioptres uncorrected, or 20-24 to 20-60 at -1.00 but a young person will not be nearly so badly affected with the equivalent + prescription.

Pupil size will make an enormous difference, the "pinhole-camera" effect. With a 1mm pinhole in a piece of card held near the eye, the vision can be surprisingly good, whatever the amount of missing correction.

With the contact lens correction in place, the vision will depend on the accuracy of the prescription and the optical and neurological quality of the eye. A needed -10 contact lens might give 20-20 vision, but an eye with cataract might have poor vision even if not needing any optical correction. A strong contact lens would not improve the situation but worsen it.


There is no exact correlation because pupil size enters into it. The more light in the room the smaller the pupil and the better the vision for a given diopter. Only an approximation can be given. Also a plus diopter correction will affect visual acuity more than a minus diopter correction because of the way accommodation can neutralize some of the minus power. The younger the individual the greater the amount.

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Is there a good insurance to cover glasses and contacts that is not too expensive?

What is od and OS in eye prescription?

OD stands for oculus dexter and indicates the RIGHT eye

OS stands for oculus sinister and indicates the LEFT eye

OU stands for oculus Uterque and indicates BOTH eyes

I just wanted to say THANK YOU TO WHOMEVER ANSWERED THIS QUESTION!! I came here searching for the answer to this same exact question and found this discussion which answered my question perfectly! So once again, thank you thank you thank you!! :-)

Sincerely, Jenna Spier

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What would cause your eye to get red and irritated if you do not put your contacts in right away in the mornings?

Because of our environment (dust and many pollutants) many people suffer from "dry eye." It is always best to see a specialist regarding your condition to be sure you have not scratched the cornea or that you don't have an infection of some sort. If it is "dry eye" there are special drops that you can put in your eyes to keep them moist.

Also, if it's just in the morning, check out your pillow. Pillows can contain dust particles and I hate to say this (mites) in some cases. Feathered pillows or a new foam pillow is much better. A pillow should be changed approximately every 8 - 12 months. Just a little hint: Wash your pillow every month in a mild detergent. (no fabric softener) and tumble dry.


Sounds like you may be coming down with one of the forms of pink eye such as:

1. Simply irritated or inflamed eye tissue possibly from over wearing contact lenses.

2. An eye infection from a virus giving a watery discharge or pus from bacteria.

3. An allergic response causing the eyes to itch and produce mucus

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What should you do if you have a complaint about a company that sold you contact lenses?

First, of course, you should complain directly to the company and see if you can work it out with them. If you can't, you can go to the FDA. See their MedWatch reporting program at Also, you can report problems involving contact lens sales by Web sites by sending an e-mail to

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Does Eyemart Express sell contact lenses?

No, sorry they do not

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Why would it feel like there is something in your eye when you do not have your contacts in but feel fine when they are in?

You may have tiny glands that are clogged on your eye's inner leadge causing them to touch the eye making it feel like there is something in there. When your contacts are in it is blocking that sensation. These clogged glands are not dangerous, but it is best to see a doctor and metion this to him. There is medicine to help. I have this problem as well good luck, it's more of a neusence then anything. This happened to me last year and I found out from another eye doctor that my doctor from home prescribed me the wrong base curve for my contacts, which resulted in my getting Keratitis aka an inflammation of the cornea. I didn't feel anything with my contacts in but it hurt to blink when I took them out - I guess the contacts acted as a buffer?? Anyways, the best thing to do is to NOT wear your contacts even though it may feel better with them in and call your doctor right away.


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