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Q: Where can you learn to sign the song 'Baby' by Justin Bieber in American Sign Language?
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What language does justin bieber want to learn?

He want to learn Arabic and china language

How did Justin Bieber learn English?

Justin Bieber is from Canada, that is a place where they speak English as their native language

Would Justin bieber like to learn spanish?

yes Justin bieber like to learn spanish.

Did Justin bieber learn judo?


Why did Justin bieber learn how to play everything?

He did it for the $$$

Will Justin Bieber come to india for world tour?

its BIEBER learn it

When did Justin Bieber learn to skateboard?

Justin learned to skateboard when he was 8

What is the name of school where Justin Bieber learn?

Justin is home-schooled.

What did Justin bieber learn to play by himself?


Does Justin Bieber have a vibrater?

Um, no, and how about before you dis Bieber, you learn how to spell. Kay?

What subjects does justin bieber learn?

i dont know at all?

When did justin bieber learn to talk?

he was 2 and a 1/2

Where did Justin Bieber learn to dance?

i don't know .all i know is that i went to Justin bieber concert yesterday and he's hot

How can Justin Bieber com to your school?

Justin Bieber will come to your school when you learn how to spell COME!! Fake and Gay, Tr011!n

Does Justin Bieber play the violin?

Justin does not know how to play the violin but really wants to learn how(:

When did Justin bieber learn to play the piano?

When he was 2 years old

Is Justin Bieber plastafobic?

First learn how to spell it, claustophobic. And yes he is.

How did Justin Bieber learn to play the guitar?

Justin Bieber started taking lessons when he was 8. The lessons were from his mother's good friend Mike Wilkerson.

What does Justin bieber learn when he gets homeschooled?

baisicly, all the things you learn in normal high school.

What age did Justin Bieber learn to play drums?

he was 8, 9, or 10

When did Justin Bieber learn to ride a bike?

at the ketts house with Lauren and Katie

What age did Justin Bieber learn how to pay the intrument?

4 years old

How do you dance like the girl in baby that Justin Bieber is singing to?

you go on and type in Justin bieber baby and click that big box in the left with Justin on it and when it gets to that party learn it for 6 hours.

What is an important lesson Justin Bieber had to learn the hard way?

asking his mom for a car

How did Justin Bieber learn to sing?

I believe he was just meant to sing. like him self