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Q: Where can you meet a real life Christian Grey?
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Why does Christian Grey not like to be touched?

Christian Grey is adopted. His real mother was a 'crack whore'. However she didn't abuse him. It was her 'pimp' who physically abused Christian Grey. In 50 Shades of Grey, Ana notices the scars on Grey's chest. Scars of which were made by his mother's pimp. This is why touching is a hard limit for Grey.

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You can not meet a mermaid. They are not real and do not exist in real life. They are make believe.

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meet me in real life

Where can you meet a mermaid?

You can not meet a mermaid. They are not real and do not exist in real life. They are only make believe.

What is Sasha grey's real life name?

Her real name is Marina Ann Hantzis.

What is King Christian X's horse's name in the book Number the Stars?

King Christian X had a horse named Jubilee; in the book and in real life.

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Is Gabrielle Christian a real life lesbian?


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in real life!

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You don't.

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In the series yes, in real life, I have no idea.

Is Christian in Eastenders Gay in real life?

He is gay in real life...Yes. John Partridge who plays the Gay character Christian is Gay. He came out many years ago.

All your life you have wanted to meet a vampire but are they real?

No they are not real and you cannot become one

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No, they are not brothers. They are friends.

As Christian from eastenders got any children in real life?


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She is Christian

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In the tv show his characters real name is Gabriel Grey. In real life the actors name is Zachary Quinto.

Are Christian and Syed really gay in real life?

John Partridge (Christian) is openly gay in real life Marc Elliott (Syed) hasn't specified whether he is gay or straight, but it is pressumed he is straight.

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