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You can get free samples usually from your doctor, health clinic, or possibly even your school.

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Can they mail you free birth control?

No,you will need to have a pelvic exam and a doctors prescription for birth control.

Where can you get free birth control pills?

Your local family planning agency can tell you about any programs available for free birth control pills. In addition, offices that provide birth control sometimes have samples available.

Where do you get free birth control?

planned parenthood.

I am 16 and my girlfriend who is 15 wants to obtain birth control Where can we get it without her parents knowing?

Good for both of you that you are concerned about this issue. Planned Parenthood is a wonderful place to go for what you want. There are also other places like that. Even your local free clinic. Don't quit looking for a place to obtain birth control until you find a place you like. It is worth the effort.

Where can you get free condoms and or birth control?

Most of the time you can get that at the health department.

Do clinics give away free birth control?

yes, they do or at least they used to.

I need birth control. Where can I get it in Dallas, Texas?

You can make an appointment with Planned Parenthood. They can write a prescription for birth control pills. They also give away free condoms.

How do you protect yourself from getting pregnant?

Call Planned Parenthood. It's a free call, free advice & free contraception (birth control).

Is birth control expensive?

That depends on where you are, In Australia it is very inexpensive and if you are unemployed it is practically free.

What do you need to do at planned parenthood for birth control pills?

you need to make an appointment with your local pph clinic. If you are trying to get free birth control on the free program you will need to know how much you make and your birthcirtificate . depending on if you have had a "women exam" they will try to do that.

Why would you bleed after missing a week of birth control?

You bleed after missing a week of birth control because your hormone level dropped, just as it does during the placebo or pill-free week.

What all does birth control do?

control birth

What happens if you took your birth control and didn't start your period?

If you took your birth control correctly and didn't have withdrawal bleeding during the pill-free week, there is probably no need for concern. Hormonal birth control can lighten the amount of flow to the point that there is no bleeding. If you did not take your birth control correctly, or are experiencing symptoms of pregnancy, take a test to make sure.

What birth control pills are free?

Under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act ("Obamacare,") birth control pills are free for most women with insurance. Your insurer, however, may have a "formulary," or list of medications that are covered. Check with your insurer by calling the number on the back of the card to find out which pills are free.

Can you remove the birth control patch at the end of week three?

Yes since it's your patch free or period free week

How do you stop teenage pregnancy?

by using a condom,or oftenly taking birth using a condom,or oftenly taking birth control...There are more ways to protect ur self from getting pregnant. DON'T DO IT!!!!! But if u do use protection and or get on birth control!!! P.S. It's FREE

How do you obtain a certificate of birth of my husband's child?

A parent is the only one who can obtain a birth certificate. Your husband will have to do this.

Is there anyway that I can obtain a birth certificate, when I was born Abroad?

Is there anyway that I can obtain a birth certificate, when I was born Abroad?

If your period completely stops due to continuous use of a hormonal birth control is it still possible to get pregnant?

It's very unlikely that you'll get pregnant using birth control this way. One of the greatest risks of birth control failure is the pill-free interval -- not getting pregnant during that time, but starting to ripen an egg for ovulation in that time. Since you're avoiding the pill-free interval, the risk of pregnancy is lower for you. (This is the reason that some newer birth control pill formulations have less than a seven-day pill-free interval).

What can be found on the Essure website?

Essure is a company that provides surgery-free permanent birth control. they strive to ensure that the procedure is a worry free way to create a natural barrier to birth prevention.

Is birth control free from the health center?

yes , usually it depends on your income its free or low cost at most community health centers

If on birth control can you still get pregnant?

Yes, you can. While birth control is reliable, there is no birth control that is 100% effective.

What do yasmin pills do?

Ysmin is a name for birth control. Yasmin is a name for birth control.a birth control pill

Is vaccine a useful method for birth control?

Birth control vaccines don't exist, but you can get birth control shots.

Can you get birth control under age sixteen?

in the uk, yes. anyone of any age can get free contraception