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yes you can buy them and program it to work. You just need to make sure you get the instructions on how to program it. for instance on some Fords you simply turn the key several times and hit both buttons and it locks the doors (which means it found the code)

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โˆ™ 2005-11-25 02:25:27
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Q: Where can you purchase a used keyless entry remote?
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Where can you purchase a used KIA keyless entry remote?

A used keyless entry remote for a Kia might be available at a scrap yard. Cars that are crushed have extra parts that a scrap yard is going to save to sell.

Your expedition alarm now chirps and goes off if you try to use the keyless entry keys It used to not chirp and the keyless entry keys worked fine Suggestions?

I'd try reprogramming the the remote. You should have instructions with in your users manual. If that doesn't work you might need a new keyless remote.

What cars have a keyless entry?

There are many cars with keyless entry, mine is included (a 2002 ford focus). Keyless entry has been used since around the 90s and have been used ever since. There are still cars without keyless entry but they are all older models.

Where can find a karr alarm keyless entry remote elvat5h?

hi go to I find it karr keyless elvat5h used 25.00 dlls ---brand new 45.00 dlls

What is the RAP module on a ford explorer sport trac?

That's the Remote Anti-theft Personality module ( what a name ! ) It is used with the remote keyless entry / alarm system

Does the 1997 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 have a keyless entry?

Yes when I test drove my truck at the used car dealership where i bought it from it had keyless entry but when i went to pick it up the next day the took the remote off. Been trying to get it from them but they said they didn't know anything about it.

How do you program used remote keyless entry for the 2006 Chevrolet Cobalt?

Look in your owners manual to see if anything is in there about programming it and if nothing you will have to let the dealer do it.

Does any one know where you Can find information on Remote Keyless Entry Car Alarm?

I had read an article about this and ,all i can recall is, its a system based on a strong cryptography authentication method. It can be used as the base for a complete car alarm or a secure remote keyless entry system, and check out. I . Please see discussion page for website.

What is the size or number of a remote keyless entry RKE battery?

There are many different replacement batteries for remote keyless entry system devices. A 3 volt CR2032 lithium battery is used in some, but not all. An auto parts store or your automobile dealer should be able to provide you with the correct information if you are unable to open the device and check for yourself.

How do you know if your vehicle has keyless entry?

If a vehicle has keyless entry, it is equipped with a key fob to click a button to enter the vehicle. This fob can also be used to lock the vehicle.

Where is the keyless entry code on a 2002 Lincoln Navigator?

Look up by the parking brake under the dash board. They used to put a sticker there with the master keyless entry code on it.

Your keyless entry quit working on the back hatch oy your 1997 Honda crv?

If the keyless entry works on your other dooor(s) then electric lock motor may have failed. If it doesn't work on ANY doors, then the battery in the keyless remote has probably gone dead. If it is the electric motor, it is your decision if youwant to spend the money to repair it, or just get used to using the key to manually lock/unlock it.

How can you find the permanent keyless code on your 1996 Crown Victoria you bought used with no remote and no owner's manual?

open the trunk and look on the underside there should be a sticker with the code on it If not there, look for the keyless entry module, usually inthe trunk, on the back of the back seat. It will have the code on it.

How do you find out if your 2001 maxima gxe will accept a keyless remote you purchased it used without remote?

Please email us with this question and we will email you a test you can run on your maxima to check for keyless entry system. Our email - Please check out our new stores

When I bought my 2003 Ford Ranger it was used so I don't know if it has remote keyless entry abilities?

Try turning the key from "Off to On" position without starting vehicle 6-7 times, if doors lock and unlock, kit is equipped for remote

What does a RAP module do in a 98 Ford Explorer?

In a 1998 Ford Explorer : The RAP module ( Remote Anti-theft Personality module ) is used with your anti-theft system and your keyless remotes ( each vehicle with keyless entry has it's own factory code )

How to Program for 1995 Saab 9000 keyless remote?

Try the following website: I have used this website for many a remote programming. It is free, costs NOTHING!!!

How do you program keyless entry on a 2005 Hyundai tiburon?

Go to a dealership. If you bought the keypad from someone other than the dealership, they'll charge a fee to do it. However, if you buy a keyless entry keypad from the dealership, then they'll do it for free. This is one way I know of that I used.

How do you turn off the alarm on a Honda element?

If your Honda has remote keyless entry, then just shut the doors and hit the lock button, then use the unlock button to open them. When you hit the lock button and all the doors are closed, it should shut off. If you DON"T have a remote fob, then close all the doors and lock the car with the key and it should shut off. Problem is, if it's equipped with remote keyless entry, and you don;t have the fob, when you go to unlock it with the key the alarm may go off again! There are factors that I would need to know like did you buy the car used or new? Chances are, if it has power locks and windows, it should have come with a remote key fob which you would get if you bought it new. Sometimes dealers sell used cars that are supposed to have remotes without them and then the consumer ends up with problems shutting off the alarm. I would call your local Honda Dealer and give them your Vehicle Identification Number and ask if the car should have remote keyless entry!

Where is the keyless entry module in a 1999 alero 3.4l I bought this car used and it's missing.?

In the trunk. Right by the speakers.

How do you disable the anti-theft alarm on a 1997 Ford Explorer?

My anti-theft system was going off and the truck would not start...I was frustrated, but to turn it off you simply have to use your key and unlock your drivers side door. I do not have the remote or the keyless entry code since I purchased the truck used. If it has the keyless entry on the driver's side door, punch in the correct number to unlock the door and the system should be disarmed. Open the tailgate door and in the left panel open the jack panel and inside there is a module with 2 plugs. This is the Keyless module, disconnect the right one and you have it..

How do you program the keyless entry remote on a 2004 Saturn Vue?

requires a high end scan tool like the Tech2 Scan Tool used by service depts. The low cost DIY tools do not have this capability. See a Automotive Locksmith or a GM dealer

How do you find the factory code in the drivers door of a Lincoln Continental?

If its the code for the keyless remote entry, the buttons on the drivers door, The factory set code can usually be found on the right arm of the trunk hinge. Even it the code is changed, the code set at the factory (default) can still be used to unlock the door.

1993 Nissan maxima with a keyless entry system the car has no manualare there any suggestions you may have?

The only suggestion is to purchase the owner's manual from eBay which will tell you how to do the codes, but you have to go to Nissan dealer to get the Fixed CODE NUMBER PLATE which will be used to reset the new code for the car.....

If you took the dash apart to install the keyless entry receiver on a 2003 Dodge Ram pickup and after putting it back together you ended up with a black piece of styrofoam about 15 x 15 where does it belong?

The piece you describe could be the piece that goes on the backside of the panel you removed to install the keyless entry (in front of driver's knees) It is used to protect knees in an accident.