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I don't know what the price should be, but you can search,,,

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Q: Where can you purchase and what should be the price of a good original barrel for a Winchester Model 1890 22 short second model made in 1902?
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Winchester model 416 spring air pellet gun good cond what is it worth?

Winchester Model 416 Rifle (Not a gun): Smooth bore barrel. Double pull trigger, 363 Feet per second: original cost $21 Excellent condition=$50 Good= $25 to $30 Fair=$15

When did Second Battle of Winchester happen?

Second Battle of Winchester happened on 1863-06-13.

What is value of second year production model 70 Winchester with mauser action 308?

Not Much If you have a second Year 1938 .But you have a Mauser action on it.That means the barrel is not Winchester. How did you decide that it is a 1938. the only way forsure to know is the Ser.No. on the gun .If it is a Mauser action. It would not have the correct Ser.No. i have a model 70 serial # 2760 its a 1937- the bolt # should match the barrel# pull the bolt back and look carefully on the bottom and you can see the bolt #

What year is a Winchester Model 74 serial 45604?

Your winchester model 74 was made by winchester in the second full year of production which was 1940.

How fast does a Glock 40 cal round travel?

That depends on the weight of the round and length of the barrel. The average 180 grain loading is 990 feet per second. Though you can purchase 135 grain loads at 1420 feet per second. So the easy answer here is it varies on the ammo and barrel length.

What year was the Winchester model 1907 sl made Serial number 14729?

Your winchester model 1907SL was made by winchester in the second year of its production which was 1908.

Is the second barrel on the m41a pulse rifle from the aliens film a shotgun or a grenade launcher?

in the aliens film, the pulse rifle had a shotgun as the second barrel.

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What is the value of my Winchester Model 55 30 WCF Serial No 2397 patented June 6 1893?

Your winchester model 55 which was made in 1925,the second year of production is valued at between 325 dollars for a rifle with only 10% of it,s original finish remaining,up to 1,300 dollars for a fine example with 80% of it,s original finish remaining and a good bore.

How long does it take for a bullet to get out of a gun?

Depends on the speed of the bullet, and the length of the barrel. In the case of a .22 rifle, firing a bullet at 1200 feet per second, from a 16 inch barrel, it will take 1/75th of a second for the bullet to leave the barrel.

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When was Winchester model 1894 serial 21280 made?

Your very early model 1894 winchester rifle was made in the second year of production which was 1895.

What is the price of a Winchester model 90 LR serial 19619 in fair condition?

If we are talking about a Winchester model 1890 pump action .22cal rifle?Then the value of your rifle which is a second model take down which was made in 1893,will bring between 385-1,800 dollars for a rifle exhibiting between 10%-50% of its original finish remaining.As always condition is everything when evaluating these fine made older Winchester rifles.It would be best if you have yours appraised by A member of the Winchester collectors assoc.for a more accurate value.

Riverside arms 12 Ga Double Barrel Sn31974?

This a double barrel shotgun. This is my second favorite shotgun in the world. The reason why it is called 12 Ga double barrel is that the barrel in 12 inches long, and every two shots, it has to be reload.

What was the outcome of the US Civil War Second Battle of Winchester?

The Second Battle of Winchester took place in Virginia between June 13th to the 15th. This was a Confederate victory that led the way for Robert E. Lee's raid into Maryland and Pennsylvania.

What is second home mortgage?

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Why wnt my izh27 overunder fire the second barrel?

Needs to be looked at by a gunsmith

I have a Winchester 67 Canadian with no rifling in the barrel is this a common defect Can it be rifled now?

No, not a common defect. Couple of possibilities- first, there WERE Winchester 67s made as shotguns- to fire only .22 SHOT cartridges- so look closely at the barrel markings. Second possibility- these are older rifles. Wear, and buildup of deposits can make the shallow rifling disappear. Cure is THOROUGH cleaning, using a decent solvent such as Hoppes #9 and a bronze brush (clean from the rear, please). In general, the barrels cannot be rifled "after the fact"- the bore diameter would be too large.

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How many bullets per second does the Metal Storm gun shot?

@ 750 rounds per second per barrel

What is the age of a Winchester model 74 serial number 26151?

Your serial number indicates that your Winchester model 74 was made in the second year of production.which was 1940.That year Winchester made 36,195 model 74,s of which yours was one.

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What is value of Winchester model 1890 serial number 272940?

Your winchester model 1890 pump action .22cal rifle which was made in the year 1906 is a second model take down frame with either a color case hardened frame,or one that was blued.these fine made rifles range in price from 385 dollars for a rifle exhibiting 10% of its original finish remaining,up to 2,750 dollars for a extreme example showing 70% of its original finish remaining.

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