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On the skulduggery pleasant website


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Yeah! If it wasn't, the site would loose a lot of players for the game.

as far as i know magic has become a disease and mortal people are starting to become magic there is a free online first chapter that you can read that tells you a bit of the story ,thats all i know

check google-books for a limited preview

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I don't know anywhere where you can read the full novel for free, but on a website called you can read the free preview of all currently released novels.

Skulduggery and Valkyrie find out about an assasin named Tesseract wanting to kill Davina Marr. Valkyrie seals her name. She tells Skulduggery she is Darquesse. The Remnants get loose and search for Darquesse. They find her and possess her, Valkyrie turns into Darquesse briefly but is stooped after killing a possessed man. The Giant Soul Catcher is turned on and all but one Remnants are caught. The one that is free bonds with Tanith Low. At the end Skulduggery tries to arrest Tesseract but is stopped when an armoured Necromancer attacks Tesseract and talks only to Skulduggery, the Necromancer tells Skulduggery that it is going to kill Valkyrie and the other Necromancers. The armoured Necromancer is revealed to be Lord Vile. Skulduggery befriends Tesseract in the moments before his death, Tesseract tells him about how he will miss his cat when he is dead. He also asks Skulduggery if it was Lord Vile's Necromancey that brought him back to life but Skulduggery doesn't answer.

u cn read a preview in thanks for lookig at this question

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