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I'm not sure where you can read every single one, but I've read several on YouTube.



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if you buy "Sonic the hedgehog mega collection plus" for the xbox, you can read the comics on that.

you can read them free online with no downloading on

actually, ive just looked it up on youtube and have found them there :)

yeah read the sonic the hedgehog comics

I think Zach23 misunderstood your question seeing as he talked about a company completely not related to Sonic the Hedgehog comics. You can look at the comics at these sites. But I'm not sure if they have all of the comics but they do have a lot of the sonic comics.

eBay Fred Meyer OR If you know a comic store near where you live or from Books a Million. OR You can order it online from really cheap. OR You can find Sonic comics on the internet, in shops or read them on YouTube.

Go to youtube to read it but you will have to pause it to read

You tube . Com just write sonic the hedgehog issue then the number of the comic you want to read

People scans their comics, makes a movie of it and uploads it on youtube. ;)

You can purchase digital copies directly from Archie Comics. See the related link. They cannot be read online for free legally.

You can't but you can buy the comics of of good ol Or get them free at Account is sonic454, password is sonic4956

There is no legal way to read full issues of the sonic Archie comics online you can find previews of them but for full issues your going to need to buy them

There are some awesome ones on sonicandpals.comAlso there are some in

i read the comics on youtube, it works well.

I usually read it at Public's.

Well, at '', you can read the comics for free.

There is not a place where comics can be read for free online at this point of time. Though Amazon does offer unlimited reads for around ten dollars a month and some eBook libraries may have them.

you can watch sonic x episodes on ,and i read the comics on youtube.

At Seattle basketball games!!??

where can i read idrajal comics for free

Just go to and preview it or borrow it from a friend. If not then buy it or typing this question was a big waste of your time. Good Luck! :)

not in the Archie's sonic the hedgehog comic books........ but in Archie's sonic X comic, it's based off sonic X that comes on the CW forkids, you can wach the show on and read all the comic books there too.

i haven't found a site so i read them on youtube.

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