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Where can you see mew in Pokemon pearl?

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how to find mew and mew two

all you need to do is get gba Pokemon which mew will be in that is how

I got mew and mew two

if you've got Pokemon diamond and pearl and platinum you can go to the wi fi connection place (providing you have wi fi) and you can look to trade one of your Pokemon for a mew or mewtwo PS most people have them threw cheats so don't put a really good Pokemon up for trade straight away because they go quite easily

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Where is mew in Pokemon Pearl?

You can't get mew in pearl, but if you have my Pokemon ranch, get 1000 Pokemon in your ranch (i think) and put it in pearl. :)

What item do you to see mew in pearl?

You can't get Mew in Pearl the only way is if you trade him from another Pokemon game or from Pal Park

Where do you see a mew two in Pokemon Pearl?

you cant without an ar

How to catch mew in Pokemon Pearl?

Mew cannot be caught on Pokémon Pearl.

Pokemon pearl how to get mew?

you can migrate mew if your have him on any Pokemon games for gameboy

Were do you find mew in Pokemon Pearl for the DS?

You can't find an actual Mew in Pokemon pearl You'll either have to migrate mew,or use action replay

What Pokemon games can catch mew?

Pokemon pearl

How do you see a mew in pearl?

You fight someone with a Mew

Where do you get mew in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

You cant get a Mew without hack

Where to find Mew in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

Mew cannot be caught in the wild in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. You need the action replay code.

Who give you mew in Pokemon Pearl?

you can not get mew in Pokemon pearl unless you use the action replay cards or swap it over a GBA card.

Where is mew on Pokemon?

Mew is an event in all the Pokemon games, but it can be glitched in Pokemon Yellow. You may research it to get an accurate answer. You can get Mew in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum, if you have 999 in your Pokemon Farm (it is a separate game) and Hailey will give you a Mew in return. You can transfer this Mew to Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. The rest of the games you will need to trade for Mew or use a cheating device.

How do you get a shiny mew on Pokemon pearl?


How do you get mew on pokemon pearl or diamond?


How do you get a mew in Pokemon pearl using cheats?

I had blue and pink mew and you have to download it.

How do you get a mew in Pokemon Pearl?

use an action replay play my Pokemon ranch and when you fill the ranch Haley will bring a mew and will trade it for an egg. then transfer it to Pokemon diamond or pearl.

Where can you get mew in peal?

You may receive Mew in Pokemon Pearl by storing 999 Pokemon in "My Pokemon Ranch" for Nintendo Wii, where Hayley will trade you one, which you can then import to your Pearl game.

Can you transfer Pokemon from Pokemon Ranch back to the DS?

Well.....i had a mew on my ranch and wanted it on my pearl versian.Yes, you can bring Pokemon back from the wii.Now i have a mew on my pearl versian........YAY!!!

How do you get Mew in Pokemon pearl without cheats?

If you have log cabin ranch then you can receive Mew from Hayley(only pearl/diamond)

How do you get mew om Pokemon pearl?

stupid idiot mew is obvious dumn ass

Mew in Pokemon Pearl?

No either trade our hack

What are cheats for catching Mew in Pokemon Pearl?

dont no

Where you get mew Pokemon Silver?

you can not you can only get it in diamond and pearl

Can you get a mew on my Pokemon Ranch from Hayley?

yes you can only do it by getting 999 Pokemon from Pokemon pearl and after you get 999 Pokemon talk to hayley and she will give you a mew!

Where is the Pokemon ranch in Pokemon Pearl?

You can't find the Haley's Pokemon ranch in Pokemon pearl. My Pokemon Ranch is a wiiware game for the wii. If you want to get mew get it in My Pokemon Ranch and then transfer it to pearl.