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Where can you see the original declaration of indepenence?

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Who wrote the the Declaration of Indepenence?

Thomas Jefferson wrote the Declaration of Independence.

Who is the author of the declaration of indepenence?

Thomas Jefferson

Where was the declaration of indepenence written and signed?

Philadelphia, PA

Who signed the declaration of indepenence first?

John Hancock was the first to sign the Declaration of Independence.

What was the declaration of indepenence?

The Declaration of Independence was a document; it was America's way of declaring independence from Britain.

Which futuer president was the author of the Declaration of Indepenence?

thomas Jefferson

Was the Declaration of Indepenence signed before or after the start of the Revolutionary War?


Did John Adams sign both the declaration of independence and the constitution?

he only signed the declaration of indepenence, he did not sign the constitution!

Did anyone die as a result of signing the declaration of indepenence?

Yes, many did every day

What rights do all people have according to the Declaration of Indepenence?

the rights of the people to alter or to abolish their government.

How much time elapsed between announcement of the Declaration of Indepenence and the Constitution?

The amount of time that elapsed between the announcement of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution was 11 years.

Who was the british king during the declaration of indepenence?

George III. I should hope you aren't a native-born American asking this!

According to the declaration of indepenence the fundamental purpose of government is to do what?

To secure our unalienable Rights. Among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

What is the first truth mentioned in the declaration of indepenence?

creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness

What is the main idea of the booklet Common Sense?

The main idea of the common sense was to pursuade colonist to declare the Declaration of Indepenence

Where can you see the original copy of the declaration of independence?

It is at the Archives building in Washington DC.

Which of the following rights is not given in the Declaration of Independence?

there were no rights actually listed in the declaration of independence, the declaration of Independence was basically a letter to the king saying that they want the freedom they believe they are entitled to, though the ideas that were put into the declaration were later stated in the bill of rights. but there were no specific rights were listed in the declaration of indepenence.

Where is the original declaration of de independenceon display?

where is the original declaration of de independenceon display

If you wanted to see the original signed copy of the declaration of independence which us city would you visit?

The original Declaration of Independence is on display at the National Archives Building in Washington, D. C. It is in the Rotunda for the Charters of Freedom.

Whom did the US get their indepenence from?


Can the public see the original declaration of independence it and Does it cost anything to visit?

Yes, it costs $1.50 per person

Who did the us become indepenence from?


When the US reached indepenence?


Where is the original Declaration of Independence?

the original declaration of Independence on display within the National Archives Building in Washington, DC :) hope this helped!

Does the U.S have the original copy of the declaration of independence?

No. The very original has been lost.