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Where can you sell a used MP3 player other than eBay?

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AnswerUsually, depending on the city in which you live, the local newspaper will offer free add space for things for sale. Provided that the item is less than a certain amount. In the paper where I live if the item is for sell at less than 250.00 then the ad space is free. Also there are "flyer" and "bargain" trade papers which offer free space for low price items. Also if you have access to a printer you may wish to print up flyers and post them ( with permission of course) where ever teens may hang out. There are other options I'm sure but maybe this will help you get started.

Or you can try a site like

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There are multiple avenues, besides ebay, available if you wish to sell your car. Local newspapers will often have a classified area in which you can list your car. There are also car specific papers such as Autotrader which people often use to buy and sell, both in print and online.

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The only places that sell it other than online is in some malls where they have kiosks. The selection is alot smaller but the prices are the same as they are online and you don't have to wait for them to ship it.

Where you can sell your electronics oher than eBay?

Craigslist is a popular site for stuff like that

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Online-ebay, craigs list, amazon. Other than that you will have to find someone who will want one, no stores will buy them really.

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Where can someone purchase a 30 GB Zune player online other than Amazon or eBay?

Various online sites offer 30 GB Zune players other than Amazon or eBay. Shopzilla, Calibex, and Bizrate are some online sources to look into. Craigslist and Kijiji may be places to look as well, if one doesn't mind a second hand player.

How can you sell random collectibles and household items easily at once?

try It is easier than ebay.

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it will sell. but you could buy it on eBay for cheaper than what you wanted to sell it. if i were you i would keep it and sell it when billy ray dies then you would get more money than if you sold it now.

Why is eBay better than buying things from a shop?

Well, its better because the things that they sell on eBay are cheaper, but at the same time its not good because a lot of the things they sell there are used, broken, and dirty. eBay is a site where people that have things they don't want like t-shirts, toys, instruments, and etc. sell all that stuff.

Where can you get a online furby?

Ebay and other than that i don't know.

Where can one purchase a used laptop from?

One of the absolute best places to purchase a used laptop from is eBay. Other than eBay, some electric retailers sell on refurbished laptops at a clearance price. One might also want to check Amazon.

How do you sell online?

You can sell on ebay. Consider selling on as well. They are much less expensive than ebay, listing can be posted for at least 6 months, you can sell locally, nationally or internationally and they offer great support. Most importantly, you do not pay anything to list your items. You only pay once you sell your goods.

You are selling your Bratz and you want to know if you would make more money selling them on eBay or at a yard sale?

If you sell them on eBay you are likely to get more for them as they are being seen by a far larger buyer base than at a yard sale where they will only be seen by just a few people. usely you check 2 see how much they usely sell 4 buy clicking on the selling tab on the eBay page and scroll down a bit and u will see a thing that will say"what it's worth?"and you type in what you want to sell or whatever and it tells you a price range of what they usely sell for on eBay!!!and you'll most likely sell it for more money there than at a yard sell b/c as stated b4 you have more ppl viewing it than at a yard sell!!!!hope this helped!!!

Where is the best place to sell Winross trucks other than eBay?

Now that Online Auction Exchange is out of business, there are no large Ebay competitors selling diecast collectibles; however, there are a few smaller sites that specialize in cars and trucks. See Related Links, below.

Where can you find a free owners manual for a 1994 Ford Ranger?

You might find one at a salvage yard that is almost free. Other than that ebay, dealer or many online sites sell them.

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An Apple iPod can be purchased from the official online Apple store. However, other popular stores, such as Walmart and Best Buy also sell iPods online.

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Much more than at other places because they refurbish them, then sell them for $60 or $70 when they sell a new one for only $100. Look at Ebay prices for PS2 auctions with games, controllers, and accessories

What is famous local selling and buying website of London and it should b other than eBay olx gumtree?


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