Where can you sell mre's?

Updated: 3/23/2024
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You can sell MREs (Meals Ready-to-Eat) through various online platforms such as eBay, Amazon, or specialized survivalist websites. Additionally, you may consider selling them at local surplus stores, outdoor markets, or through social media platforms targeting survivalists and preppers. Be sure to comply with any legal regulations concerning the sale of food items.

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Q: Where can you sell mre's?
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How does cayenne pepper help soldiers?

Makes MREs edible.

How many manta ray anchors are required for MRES instalation?


How many total body stakes are used to anchor the MRES?


Do MREs cause constipation and other health problems?

No, and a lot of what's said about MREs is urban legend (such as the gum being formulated to plug up the old rectum). Health problems... if you eat them habitually, they'll fatten you up rather quickly. MREs are intended to be eaten in a heavy work environment, and they contain some 2000 or calories.

When proof-loading the MRES how far should the tape be stretched?

39 ft

What is used to stabilize the rear of the MRES and used to adjusted tape tracking?

alignmetn hardware

Do MREs make you poop?

Interesting question. Having experienced MREs when they were first introduced, I would have to say no. Quite the opposite actually. Those who eat MREs on a regular basis learn quickly to get bread and butter, a lot of butter from the field kitchen, and chase a few slices with a lot of butter with the MRE contents. I suggest keeping a couple bottles of magnesium citrate back at garrison for when you return from the field.

What was in World War I MRE?

MREs didn't exist in World War I. They came along later.

What is the maximum number of days that MREs may be consumed as the sole source of subsistence?

21 days

How can I create tasty food camping in the outdoors?

Premade backpacker meals are good, and if you are a bit adventurous military MREs are not the worst way to go. Bothe require you to just add water, the backpacker meals the temperature of the water will affect the temperature of the food. With the MREs they come with heater packs that you add water to.

MREs are authorized at any FS Function and are requested using UF 601-210.27 IAW UR 700-5.?


Could scientists create a kibble for humans?

Yes, it is possible for scientists to create a dry "kibble" for humans. Like MREs for soldiers and astronauts, it would supply necessary nutrients. However, whether human or animal, taste buds crave variety. MREs aren't very tasty, just like powdered milk of the 1960s.