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In the Bazzar. If it says no auction, then you have to hold onto it, but if you have clothes that say no auction, you can always go to prospector Zeke in the commons.

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I think you can sell your house at the housing shop or at the bazaar shop. :)

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Q: Where can you sell your house in wizard101?
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How do you sell your house on wizard101?

You cannot sell your house in Wizard101.

How do you sell your house on wizard 101?

In order to sell our house on "Wizard101", you first must be sure that you pick up all of the items inside and outside the house. If you are unsuccessful selling the house at the bazaar, you can proceed with selling the house at the shopping district.

What places sell wizard101 cards?


Can you gift a house on wizard101?

no because homes from wizard101 arent giftable

How do you get a ice house in wizard101?

Well you know that icon that says shop in the upper left corner in wizard101. Click on it and press on the house. From there you can choose what house you want.

What are some shops that you can sell furniture in wizard101?

the bazziar

Does any wizard101 players that have epic bundle want to trade for a level 97 fire?

To trade wizard101 visit -

What stors sell wizard101 cards?

five below and pathmark does

What are the places you can't go to in wizard101?

malisttes house

Wizard101 how to get 8000 gold?

Sadly, there is no cheat for 8,000 gold. Is it for the house? Just sell a lot of stuff. Or pay $10.00 and get 5,000 crowns and buy gold. Or, pay $25.00 I think adn you can buy a house at the crown shop.

Does the wizard101 midnight sun pagoda come with a house?


When you trash your pet will you get a refund on wizard101?

No you will not so it is better if you sell it at Shopping District.