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Where can you sell your left testicle?

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Nowhere, there is no market for testicles.

2013-05-31 21:01:18
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Q: Where can you sell your left testicle?
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Does University of Kansas give you money to sell your left testicle?

Where can you sell a testicle in Kansas

Why do people sell their left testicle?

They don't. There is no market.

Why would your left testicle tingle?

Why is there a tingle in my left testicle

Where would you go to sell a testicle?

to sell it, it is against the law.

Why do i have a large left testicle?

Many males have a testicle , which is larger then the other one.

Why does one testicle hang lower than the other?

the left testicle hangs down lower then the right testicle because nothing in the human body is exactly semtrical and the left testicle has a higher body temperature then the right testicle which causes it to sag lower, also 65% of females left boobs are bigger then their right

Testicle were can yousEll tHem?

You can sell them to the black market.

Can you really sell your testicle?

I wouldn't try it.

You can not attract your right testicle to upward but the left testicle is move and you feel lower sensation than left testicle is it a problem?

Any testicle problems should be taken to a doctor. There are many reasons for differences. See the link below.

Where can you sell your testicle for cash?

Nowhere. There is no market for testicles.

What is the difference between my left testicle and my right testicle?

They're larger than the center one.

Can you sell your testicle and where in the state of Virginia?

No. It is unlawful in the United States to sell any organ.

What could be the reason the the right testicle has a pulse?

As long as blood is pumping through the testicle then it should have a pulse, the left testicle should have a pulse too.

Is it normal to have a bigger testicle?

It is quite normal to have one larger testicle. It is estimated that in about 65% of men the lower hanging testicle is the left one. This is due to differences in the vascular anatomical structure on the right and left sides.

How much to sell left testicle?

In the US, it's illegal to sell human organs. It's legal to sell animal organs (generally speaking), of course, but good luck finding a buyer... they're not exactly in high demand.

Can you sell your testicle for medical research?

You can donate, or sell your testicles for some clinical trials, medical purposes.

Can you donate a testicle for cash?

you sell for cash or donate for free, so no.

Is your left testicle bigger than your right one?


What is right testicle for?

same as the left, making sperm and semen

What if your right testicle is larger then the left?

then you got some cancer

What if only the left testicle has dropped?

A boy with an undescended testicle should be taken to a doctor as early as possible. See the link below.

What does the left testicle do?

The left testicle does the same as the right testicle, which is to produce sperm cells. Combined both testicles actually make 1,000 sperm cells a second. Although, you must take into account a large number of those cells will be deformed / unusable. (About half)

How do you sell your testicle in Oregon?

Selling body parts is universally illegal in the US.

Why is your left testicle the size of a soccer ball?

Go see a Doctor.

What happen when one testicle have not decended in a12 years old?

Don't worry,naturally the right testicle is lower than the left one.No big deal.