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Where can you sell your poems?

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Get a copy of the latest Writer's Market. They list every publisher in existence, and will tell you which places will buy poems.

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2020-06-09 08:59:04

how can i get themย 

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How many poems did Shel Silverstein sell?


How much did a copy of Tamerlane and Other Poems sell for?

It sold for 198,000 dollars.

What are some types of poems?

Cinquain poems, Haiku poems,acrostic poems,alliteration poems,diamond poems and concrete poems.

Who are you poems?

Who am I poems are poems where you have to guess who something is.

What kind of poems did Robert Burns write?

He wrote commical poems dramatic poems romantic poems and personal poems

Is there Another word for crude poems?

grose pomes ---- gnarly poems disgusting poems foul poems perverted poems

How many copies can book of poems sell in a year?

Poetry is generally not that popular. An exception to this is books of children's poetry such as Where the Sidewalk Ends.

Are there octave poems?

Yes, octave poems are8 lined poems

Are epic poems also narrative poems?

They can be considered narrative poems.

What are the different kinds of poems you can write?

you can write limerick poems, ballad poems

What is the value of Impertinent Poems by Edmund Vance Cook?

Depending on the copy and what shape it is in, Impertinent Poems can sell from $20 to $60. The editions with illustrations by Gordon Ross tend to be priced a bit higher, and signed copies or first editions can be higher still

What is the difference between narrative poems and short stories?

Narrative poems are still classified into poems. Shorts stories are not classified into poems.

What is the difference between a poems and poetry?

the diference is poetry is the study of poems and poems are expressions

If there were twentyfour poems and ten poems were about animals what fraction of the poems were about animals?

10/24th simplified, 5/12th oh the poems were about animals.

In poems limitations influences a poems?


What are some shaped poems?

concrete poems

What are poems divided into?

Poems are divided into stanzas.

What is the collective noun for poems described?

Collective nouns for poems are an anthology or a volume of poems.

What are acrostic poems?

Acrostic poems are types of poems which use words for their subject. Each line of the poems starts with a letter from that subject word. These types of poems do not have to rhyme. It is sometimes referred to as a name poem.

What has the author Leo Connellan written?

Leo Connellan has written: 'First selected poems' 'Short Poems, City Poems, 1944-1998' 'Provincetown, and other poems' 'Crossing America' 'New and collected poems'

Do you underline poems?

If it is an epic poem, you underline poems, such as book titles, or italicize, but you generally ITALICIZE poems.

What horror poems did poe write?

Poe wrote poems like The Raven, an other poems like that.

How many poems did Petrarch write?

Petrarch has written 366 poems and these poems can be found in the book "The Canzoniere".

What poems does Shel Silverstein write?

the type of poems he writes are funny , silly , sad and happy poems

What are low line poems?

Low line poems are poems that is low in lines? IDN (I Don't Know)