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look in the yellow pages under private investigators / lawyers and ask the same question.

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Q: Where can you send something to be fingerprinted if the local police will not help?
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How do people help police in their work?

In most cases, the help that people give to the police is in the form of information. People have seen something, heard something, or for some reason know something that will help the police to locate or convict a criminal.

Where can I find local police training offices in my area?

Where exactly is your area? You can start by inquiring at the local police station. I bet they would be willing to help you for your questions about police training .

Why is it important to have police service?

to help and protect your local community

How do you file a criminal lawsuit?

Call your local Entourny, they will help out. Or Call your Local Non-Emergancy Police hotline.

How can I make gun powder?

Call your local police station, they should be able to help.

What are the best alarm security systems?

You should first check with the police dept. in your area to see who they work with for home alarms. This could be a big help if something really happens. Have a few companies come out and explain how they are hooked up to your local police and fire.

How do you pick the locks on a 1994 ford aerostar van?

Call your local Police...they will help you. lol

How do you fix used rifle shells?

Do not attempt to "fix" ammunition. Dispose of it properly. Ask your local police for help.

If local police won't do their job where do you go for help?

That's a very difficult question to answer as asked, because it depends on the situation. You may have to go to the state police, federal police, or possibly file a complaint with the local internal affairs department, but again, it depends.

Where to get help for an abused child?

Child Protective Services ; your local police will be able to refer you to other agencies .

Who manages U.C.R.?

The FBI analyzes the UCR data and publishes the report. The state police help the FBI collect the data. Local police departments gather the data.

Is there an ordinance for pet burial in Philadelphia PA?

Contact your local police department and they would be able to help you with your local municipal rules OR Your local vet may know the local rules for a pet burial. Hope this helps

How do you unlock a van without a key?

Speak to your local police or fire department, they can always help.

Who own this gun serial number ad58323?

Contact your local police with the model and information. They may be able to help.

I was in a car accident and did not take any info because I was taken by an ambulance. What do i do?

Contact either your local police department, or the police department that was at the scene of your accident. They should be able to help you.

What can you do if your son ran away?

Call the local police, and try to figure out why he ran away. If he left a note, give that to the police, and any photos or anything else that might help them.

Where can you shoot your gun in the new jersey new york area?

Anywhere it is legal. Your local police and gun shop can help you.

Can the police help you in retrieving your stuff from a roommate?

No. That would be something you would need to take to Civil Court.

Is there a place I can call to donate a memorial bench in the local park to a veteran?

Your local parks and recreational service department. I believe the local police department or city hall could also help you. Local mortuaries may also have needed information.

Where can one find information on getting a free backround check?

You can find information on a background check at your local police station . You can also check your local government or local library both of these places should be able to help you out .

Seeking for help who do i call for help my best friends mom is unfit an on drugs shes 17 an whats help for her and her younger sister?

You can contact the local Department of Human Services in your area. You can also try to contact any local church , or even the police department for your friend.

You lost your passport how can you get it?

You should report it to the police first then you could approach your local post office who can help you out with getting another one.

How do you file a harassment compaint?

Go down to your local police station, or seek help from your courthouse and they will direct you in the right direction and processing.

What is the purpose of the local police depatment?

To respond to relatively minor crimes in the town/city and help with larger crimes in metropolitan areas

Where can you get free help with a person that is addicted to drugs?

Your local police department (non-emergency number) will glad to direct you to community services.