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The term music directing can refer to a number of areas within the field of music. You can go to and do a search by program of study and geographical area using their College MatchMaker search engine. Still, I would narrow down your specific interest. Viper1

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Who won the Oscar for Directing in 1965?

The Sound of Music won the Oscar for Directing in 1965.

Why do you study music?

I study music for the sheer joy of it.

Where did Michael Jackson study music?

He did not study music.

What is the comparative study of music of the world?

Ethnomusicology - the study of music of different cultures; the study of music as it relates to its cultural context.

Is waymon Boone a director?

yes. hes been directing great music videos.

What are the two music video's tegan and sara finished in two days?

Northshore and On Directing

Where is the best place to study music?

The best place to study music is in a college of music. These people know the most about music and can answer your questions.

What is the thinking behind the Hot Chip I feel Better music video?

nut job directing!

Where can I study music production in Scotland?

You can study music production in Scotland at James Watt College.

What is mariyln Manson famous for?

He's famous for art, music, directing, writing, and acting. But he is most famous for making the best music in the world (in my opinion).

Ethnomusicologist study music as an aspect of culture using which objects?

Ethnomusicologists study music by using instruments, pictures, and ancient writings.

What is the best music to study to?

The music that would probably have the best effect on the study session is light classical.

What is the best to study fashion or music?

music because it's got a lot of things you could study on.

How do you get a job as a music video director?

Directing as many videos as you can! Then establishing a relationship with someone connected to the industry.

Definition of Music and Why do you need to study music?

Music is temporally organized sound, meaning that humans take sounds and organize them in some type of order in time. You dont have to study music, but if you do study music it can help you play an instrument, compose, and expand your artistic expression.

Do you need a music teacher to take music exams?

Of course you do, before an exam you have to study, how can you study if no one has ever taught you. Yes you absolutely have to have a music teacher for a music exam.

What did Confucius study?


What is the study of music?


When was International Study Group on Music Archaeology created?

International Study Group on Music Archaeology was created in 1977.

Where did Scott joplin study music?

He studied music in his school

What is a sentence with the word directing?

Keep directing the movie.

Ethnomusicology is the study of music as a?

aspect of culture.Not quite, It is the study non - western music, it mostly covers religion of a society.

Why do you want to study human resource management?

Someone would want to study human resource management for many different reasons. If they are good at managing things and directing other people then this would be a good study program for them.

What has the author William Gerard Brink written?

William Gerard Brink has written: 'Directing study activities in secondary schools' -- subject(s): Secondary Education, Study skills, Teaching

What subjects do you need to study music?

you only need music. :p