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I have been searching for exact same thing! Please help!

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Q: Where can you view the painting of blue eggs in a nest as seen in the Ambien commercial?
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What type of bird has little blue eggs?

blue or light blue eggs with blue speckles are robin eggs.

Who started painting t he Easter Eggs?

the painting or colouring of Easter eggs was the idea of the Persians. They first started painting the simple Easter eggs. when the idea spread towards the america this became the tradition and every year in Easter the eggs are painted to follow the traditon

What color are blue heron eggs?

Blue Heron eggs are a light greenish blue.

What North American birds lay blue eggs?

Robins' eggs are bright blue. blue birds

What kind of birds lay small blue eggs?

a Robins eggs are blue.

Small blue eggs?

Like kind of a light blue? Robin eggs.

What British birds lay blue eggs?

Robins are known to lay blue eggs. Other birds that can lay blue eggs are starlings and types of finches.

Can chickens lay blue eggs?

yes auracona hens can lay blue eggs

How many eggs do blue jays have?

Blue Jays have 4-6 eggs at a time

What bird lays small blue green eggs?

crows eggs are blue-green

What colour are blue tit eggs?


Are blue jay eggs blue?

no they are green

Are blue birds eggs blue?

Not necessarily

What color is a blue parrot's eggs?


What is the colour of a blue jays eggs?


What colour are blue tits eggs?


How do some people celebrate Easter?

by painting eggs, going to mass and hunting for chocolate eggs.

Where does blue jays lay their eggs?

Blue jays lay their eggs in nests which are usually in Trees.

What chicken makes blue eggs?

Robins are one of the birds that produce blue-colered eggs.

Is it possible for an chicken to lay a blue egg?

Yes, if you have a breed that lays blue eggs, that chicken's eggs will always be blue. You won't get a blue egg from a chicken that normally lays brown eggs though. The Auracana and the Ameraucana lay blue eggs. They also have really cute cheek-puffs.

What color are Robins eggs?

robins eggs are blue

Are blue jays born live or from eggs?


What kind of animal lays a blue egg?

Robins lay blue eggs, Araucana chickens lay blue eggs. Some grouse lay blue eggs as do Ardea Herodias (Great Blue Heron) The California Condor also lays a blue egg.

How many eggs does a blue tit lay?

The Blue Tit can lay a number of eggs ranging from five to sixteen eggs, in a single clutch (a clutch is how many eggs laid by one bird during one nesting period). A Blue Tit can have two clutches, but the second is rare. On average, Blue Tits lay from ten to twelve eggs. The total number of eggs laid by a Blue Tit in its lifetime can be up to 32 eggs.

Can commercial eggs produce chickens?