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Where can you watch Sonic vs Shadow?


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YouTube,type in Sonic X sonic vs shadow


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Sonic X - 2003 Sonic vs- Shadow 3-12 was released on: USA: 26 November 2005

Several videos of Sonic vs Shadow can be found on Youtube. According to reviews, Shadow is stronger but Sonic is faster. Shadow can use multiple abilities with the chaos emeralds and the rings around his wrists.

Goku and Vegeta will win Super Sonic or Super Shadow have time limit but Super Saiyan no time limit and Sonic Shadow need to use chaos emerald if sonic and shadow not have that chaos emerald totally looser

I know Shadow is suppose to be stronger and faster.But in my opinion, Sonic will ALWAYS win!!!! Because that's how the good guys roll!!!

no sonic is not stronger then shadow . shadow is stronger then sonic . in the shadow the hegehog trailer shadow killed sonic

It mainly depends on who you practice with more in which game. In my opinion Shadow should win.

Sonic and Shadow would win, because Shadow CAN stop time and defeat mario and luigi, while sonic can turn super and knock luigi like a bowling ball. Mario might have fireballs, but Shadow has electric spears. Luigi has fireballs, Sonic has the speed of light. End Of Discussion.

No; Sonic and Shadow are guys.

oh come on shadow is not popular sonic is sonic is faster and stronger than shadow sonic is the main character shadow ruins sonic shadow had his own game AND IT SUCKED! sonic faster than shadow stronger than him in every way

No, Shadow doesn't like Sonic.

no shadow dint love sonic

Sonic speed shadow strength

sonic is more stronger then shadow in 2012 shadow use to be better then sonic but in 2011 and 2012 sonic is stronger

shadow knows when shadow was attacking sonic.

no you can't get shadow on sonic dx you can get shadow if you only have a hack

wounder just continue searching posible to be somewhere

Sonic and Shadow have the same amount of strength but Sonic managed to beat Shadow in a battle once.

Sonic is stronger than Shadow and Silver because Sonic can knock Shadow out so bad that when he would cry in his death because Shadow cant even get close to Sonic and if he does then Sonic can use sonic wind to blow him away and then it's lights out Shadow!

Matter of opinion. I like Sonic a little more, just because he came first. If they're was no Sonic, there would be no Shadow.Shadow is Bettersonic is a little fasterShadow is Hot.Sonic is not.

shadow is faster sonic can use sonic boom but shadow can slow it down with choas control so sonic fans get over it sonic is a dang imposter of shadow forget sonic./----------------------------------------------you can't unless u hack it

yes watch the sonic shadow and silver show on you tube

No! Sonic is faster than shadow!

Shadow is not in sonic advance's series.

Sonic is stronger than Shadow because he is faster and tougher than him and Sonic has more forms and abillities than Shadow so that's why Sonic is stronger than Shadow.

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