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In an incandescent light bulb, as the inert gas that prevents the fuse burning through.

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How is argon found naturally?

Argon is found in the air! Argon is present if the Earth's atmosphere at 0.94%

Is argon found in the air?

Yes there is argon in the air in the atmosphere

Where is argon natrally found?

Argon is found in trace amounts in the atmosphere. It is found as a mixture along with other noble gases.

What country was argon found in?

Argon was found in Scotland in 1894 by Lord Rayleigh and Sir William Ramsay.

Which isotope of argon is most commonly found?

99.6% of Argon is Argon40

Is argon rare or abundant?

Argon is chemically inert and hence it is rare. Argon is found only as traces in the atmosphere

Is argon a natural element in the human body?

no. argon is not found in the human body

Where can argon be found at?

In the earth's atmosphere.

Is argon found in living things?

no. it is not

Is argon a man made or natural element?

Argon is a natural element found in the air.

Is argon radioactive?

Over 99.999% of argon is not radioactive. A trace of radioactive argon-39 can be found in nature, but it is not significant. Synthetic radioactive isotopes of argon exist, as they do for all elements.

Where is argon found in nature?

it is found in airair is made up of oxygen hydrogen, nitrogen, and small amounts of earths atmosphere

What is the more abundant gas found in the atmosphere carbondioxcide or argon?

Carbon dioxide is abundant gas in atmosphere. Argon is found only in traces.

Where could you find argon on earth?

In the Earth's atmosphere. 0.7 % of the atmosphere consists of Argon. In products, in can be found in light sources. It is also used in laser eye surgery, and to grow pure semiconductive crystals.

Facts about argon?

The element Argon is a noble gas. It is one of the gases found in the atmosphere, and is not harmful.

What percentage of the earth's crust is argon?

Argon is a gas and is found in the earth's atmosphere; not in the earth's crust.

How many moles of argon are found in a 5L sample of argon at STP?

Approx 0.223 moles.

Where is argon found on earth?

Simply put, argon is found in the air! Argon is present if the Earth's atmosphere at 0.94%. Argon's full outer shell makes it stable and resistant to bonding with other elements

Could silver be a color within the nomenclature of the word Argon?

no because argon contains no silver in the word whatsoever. therefore silver could not be a color within the nomenclature of the word argon.

Where is the element argon found?

on the periodic table.

How much argon is found in the human body?


What country was argon founded?

It was found in England.

Where does argon exist?

It is found in the earth's atmosphere.

Was argon found as a element or compound?


What group number is argon found?

Argon is found in group 18 (some resources will say 8, since Argon is in the eigth group of hte periodic table if the transition metals are excluded), the noble gases.