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A 13 year old can not work in a nursery, or in fact anywhere. That is considered child labor. One can work at 15 but only with a work permit. You might just have to wait until then or when you are 16.

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Q: Where could a 13 year old work in a nursery?
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How old do you need to be to work in a childrens nursery?

14 years old

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What courses could a 15 year old or 16 take for a qualification on becoming a nursery nurse?

Check with your local hospital for volunteer opportunities. To work as a nurse, you will need to be at least 18 and have an associates degree and training in nursing.

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What is the name of the newmarket stakes for two year old thoroughbreds?


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Is it legal for 13 year old to work?

No. It is against child labor laws,and it could put the thirteen year old in to much presure because then he/she could go suiside for to much presure so no.It is not alegal for a thirteen year old to work

Is petz nursery boring or fun?

from a 12 year old girl fun!!

Could an 11 year old get a job?

ANSWER: A 11-year old could get a job. Not a job in a store or something like that, but you could work in a family owned business.

Where a ten year old could work at fast food?

Umm.. No where.

Where could a 11 year old work in QLD?

Well a 11 year old could work as a game tester, or a game designer but u have to have a good brain and you have to work hard, and probly drop out of school so yeah that's mostly it.

Does nursery rhymes have copyright?

Nursery rhymes are old, so old that the origins of them are no longer known. Certain versions of nursery rhymes have been copyrighted, but not the nursery rhymes themselves.

Where can a 14-year-old get a job in Missouri?

A 14 year old who is looking for work in Missouri could clean houses. They could also house sit for families on vacation.

Where in Midlothian can a 16 year old get a job?

A 16 year old who lives in Midlothian, could get a job in a grocery store. They could also work in department stores or restaurants.

What jobs could a 9 year old girl do?

Not much except volunteer work and house work.

What kind of job is in a building for 11 year old girls?

you could work in an old folks holme!

Where could a responsible reliable 15-year-old work?

Mc Donalds

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In the us u have to be 16

Where can you work at 14 in Michigan?

There are a few places where you could work as a 14 year old in Michigan. You could babysit or cut grass for example.

What summer jobs can an 11-year-old do?

There really is nothing an 11 year old can do. They could do peoples lawn work....but that's really it.

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Legally a 10 year old cannot work. They could work for parents or friends for an allowance, cutting yards, or a lemonade stand.

Were can a 15 year old get a job in Woodstock IL?

A 15 year old who lives in Woodstock, Illinois may be able to find work in their communities. This could include babysitting and lawn work.

What are the differences between pre nursery and nursery?

Nursery and pre-nursery are both types of preschools. The difference typically lies in age groups. Pre-nursery is usually for children up to three years old. Nursery is generally for children of four years old to the time they start school.

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