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There are lots of places where someone can get a loan if he has a poor credit score. Some of these places are Spring Finance, Blemain Finance and Midland Credit.


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A credit score is the credit bureaus overall evaluation of your credit history. The higher the score, the more likely you are to be eligable for loans and credit cards. A poor credit rating could mean that you are at risk of defaulting on a loan, which could lead to high interest rates and/or the refusal of a loan. A finance bank can assist you obtaining your score and seeing if you qualify for a loan.

In many cases, the interest rate for a poor credit loan is much higher than a loan you could get with a good credit score. Because of a low score, a business has to take a chance in giving someone a loan (for fear that they may not pay it back), which leads to the higher interest rate.

Technically you could, but you are going to have a very hard time finding any institution to finance the loan as a 589 is considered "Poor."

This is a very poor credit score. You can apply but it is unlikely you will get a loan without a cosigner. If you are able to get a loan without a cosigner your interest rate will be very high as compare to someone with a good credit score of over 700.

One needs an average to excellent credit score to qualify for loans at a traditional bank. Consumers with a poor credit score can qualify for a high interest loan.

Loan providers that offer loans for consumers with poor credit include the very popular Federal Auto Loan that supports people with bad credit. A consumer could also visit their bank for more poor credit loans

Short term loan sharks will normally support people with poor credit scores. But they tend to charge much higher interest rates, an generally hurt more than they help. It is advisable to approach a credit rating agency to repair your credit score, and then approach your local bank for a loan.

A credit score rating is not hereditary. If your parents have bad scores, it doesn't affect you, unless they are deadbeats and applied for a loan under your social. You build your own credit score, which under 650 is generally considered poor.

have poor credit need 5k personal loan where do i go

I have a good income but poor credit.

577 is a fairly poor credit score. To have a credit score that is acceptable, you want your score to be between 620-680.

For people requiring loans when they have a poor credit rating then they may be able to get a poor credit loan from several companies advertising poor credit loans. Sites such as Tesco Bank and Norton Finance offer loans to people with poor credit.

Poor credit decreases the chances of getting a housing loan. However, many companies offer assistance to those with poor credit and it is never too late to improve one's credit and improve the chances of getting a housing loan.

A 620 credit score hinges on poor.

Someone with a poor credit score should be able to lease a car.

Yes it is possible. A good start is to try to improve your credit score. See a debt reduction specialist, they may be able to improve your score quickly enough you can qualify for a loan. Another avenue to explore is to apply for an FHA loan.

Credit Unions are more likely to offer a person with poor credit a loan and if there is no luck there I would try payday advance stations. If employed you can choose the bank on your payroll checks to apply for a loan.

The highest credit score one can have ranges from 760-850. A poor credit score would be in the range of 500-579. Poor credit ratings can prevent one from obtaining mortgages and approvals on loans.

A score of 569, according to, is subprime. It's not poor, but it's also not generally acceptable either. An acceptable credit score starts at 620, whereas a poor one is less than 550. At 569 you can probably find credit or get a loan, although the terms won't be great and you'll end up paying much more in interest than if you had a higher score.

To get a poor credit mortgage loan in Ottawa a person needs to seek the advice of a lending company who can help you with getting a loan. Many times they will tell you how to get your credit in better standings so that you may get the loan.

You cannot get an FHA loan if your credit score is below 620, since it is backed by the government, they have very strict guidlines on the process. However, if you work with a mortgage lender that does FHA, often times they have "credit rescoring" prgrams that will tell you exactly what you need to do to get your score to the 620 that you need. Once you do what they need, they can do a rescore and it will raise you credit. Good luck!

Gosh, when I was going to school, you could get a student loan independent of having good credit (thank God). The rules may have changed since the early 90s when I was in school, but I think the point of the student loan program is that you can get a loan without a credit check!

You can get a secured loan with poor credit online from the Secured Personal Loan Gofo website. However, to get a secured personal loan from companies like this, you may need property or other collateral.

It depends on how bad the credit of the other spouse is. If their credit isn't at least decent, getting a joint loan will be based upon the FICO scores of both parties. You won't get to choose the higher score in order to get a good rate. So, it would be best to get separate financing until the spouse with the poor score improves their credit.

Having a poor credit score impacts one's ability to get a credit card and even a mortgage. If one is still able to get a credit card, the interest rate is likely to be higher and the credit limit lower.

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