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Each organ of the body is classified into a system. To learn more about these systems, visit websites like Biology, Encyclopedia of Earth, and Merck Manuals.

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Q: Where could one learn more about their organ systems?
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Can an organ be part of one or more organ system?

Yes, an organ can be part of one or more organ systems. For instance, the ovary is part of the endocrine and reproductive systems. The skin is part of the integumentary and excretory systems.

How many organ systems and body areas are involved in a comprehensive exam?

8 or more of the 12 organ systems.

What is more complex organism or organ system?

an organism because an organism can contain multiple organ systems

Is a organ more complex than a organ system?

The level of organization more complex than a system is the organism. The organism is made up of multiple organ systems working together.

What are the 5 organ systems of the human body?

There are more than 5:cardiovascularrespiratorydigestivelymphaticnervousmuscularskeletalreproductiveintegumentary

What type or organ system contains skin?

The skin is actually an organ system called the integumentary system. Like all organ systems, it contains more than one organ.

What is an organ that belongs to more than one organ system?

HYPOTHALAMUS - both endocrine and nervous systems PINEAL GLAND - both endocrine and nervous systems SPLEEN - both cardiovascular and immune systems URETHRA - both urinary (excretory) and reproductive systems

Where could one learn more abut Linux operating systems?

You can learn about the Linux operating system from a number of sources. You can get books on Linux, you can read blogs, or you can ask away in forums.

What does specialization in cells do for tissues organs organ systems and organisms?

work more efficiently

Is the prostate an organ?

you could say its an organ but a more correct term would be a gland.

How does on organism benefit from organ systems that work together ans communicate?

Organ systems that work together make a more efficient being and help keep a state of balance within the body.

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