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This version of the company name indicates manufacture between 1886 and 1916. The Electrosteel mark suggests sometime after 1900. Don't know about a barrel, but you can probably find a whole gun for about $75. Might find one at a local gun show, in a pawn shop, or one of the online auction sites.

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Q: Where could you find a barrel for a J Stevens Arms and Tool Co single shot shotgun?
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How old is a J Stevens Arms Company 410 or 12 m m with patented date August 12 1913?

If you have a single shot shotgun,then it is worth 50 dollars,if you have a double barrel shotgun then the value could be up to 400.00 dollars,depending on the overall condition and the bores are in good shape.

Was a single shot shotgun that has patented August 12 1913 on the barrel and 376 rr marked on the wood stock and underside of the barrel made by J. Stevens Arms?

That patent date was used by J. Stevens Arms and Tool Co, but I can't find 376 listed as a Stevens or Savage model number. Could have been made for a hardware store or mail order business and marked with the model number requested by the retailer.

If a 12 gauge single shot is marked Springfield Arms and 1929 Model on the barrel could it be a model 94?

It is a Stevens Model 1929.

What would an approximate value of a Stevens double barrel shotgun composite stock 16 ga be?

Depending on the Firearms condition, price could go from about $100.00 to around $300.00

What is the age and manufacture of a single barrel shotgun marked Richard Burton co Liege?

hi i have just got my first shotgun witch is a Richard Burton & co liege 410 single barrel shotgun i to would like to now the age f this gun have any luck in get in any info on if so i would appreciate any info u could give me. thanks Jake

How do you determine if a shotgun is a JCHiggins or Stevens?

JC Higgins was a Sears brand for guns sold by them, made by others, including Stevens. Your shotgun could be either or both- depends on what is marked on the gun.

Who manufactured the Ranger 410 double barrel hammerless shotgun?

Made for Sears Roebuck by Stevens. There may be a model number on the right side of the receiver (most likely 5000, 5100, or 311) or a Sears product number on the barrel (101.6?) which could give an approximate date.

What year was the Model 39A shotgun produced by J Stevens at the Chicopee Falls plant?

OK. The Stevens Model 39A was produced between 1939 - 1947. It was manufactured in 410 guage, with a 5 shot tubular magazine. The 39A is a bolt action shotgun with a 24" barrel and full choke. The barrel is blued and the shotgun has a plain walnut one piece pistol grip stock and forearm. Approximate weight of the gun is 5 1/2 pounds. This is all the information I could come up with. I hope it helps.

What year was a single barrel side hammer 12 gauge damascus shotgun with the number 1429 manufactured?

Could have been anytime from about 1860 to 1920. Better description may get a better answer.

Was there a gun maker in Chicopee your husband bought a single barrel shotgun with the name Chicopee Mass on the side of it It also had Riverview and made in US you were wondering how old it was?

J.Stevens & Co. manufactured .22 for children in 1907. Could have made your shotgun. B.L.Rogers

Where could you buy a magazine clip for an old Stevens model 258a 20 ga single barrel shotgun?

If no local gun shop or gunsmith can find it, you might try contacting the company.

What is the value of a 16 gauge double barrel Stevens model 311?

depending on the condition could be $500.

What is a double barrel Damascus shotgun worth?

Depending on who made it and when, it could be from 50 to multiple thousands of USD

How much would a military J Stevens 94 B single shot 12 ga be worth?

I don't know of any military use of a single shot shotgun unless it was used as a line throwing gun for the Navy. The shotgun might be worth $50-$75 without any military provenance. Some evidence of military ownership could double that.

Can you change out barrel on the model 300 12 gauge and make this a slug gun only?

You did not specify the make of your Model 300 (there are several), but in general, a 12 g shotgun CAN fire slugs from any standard barrel. You will get better accuracy from a slug barrel, but you could use any barrel OTHER than an "Extra Full", or a shotgun with a variable choke.

What is value of an 1880 single barrrell 4 gauge shotgun English made?

Collectors are starting to look at any shotguns bigger than a 10 gauge.I just saw a 8 gauge used to feed a logging camp go for 400 dollars on a site.I would say that seeing you have a single barrel instead of a double barrel shotgun,it could go for anywhere from 100-500 dollars depending on overall condition of the shotgun in question.These will be used for strickley wall hanger status,as there is no commercial 4 gauge loads available today.

Where could you sell a functional Columbia 12 gauge single action shotgun?

I would be interested in your shotgun. contact me at

What is a 3 barrel hollenbeck shotgun serial 416 worth?

it would depend on condition avg. could be 2000.00

How much is an Essex 410 nickel platted engraved shotgun worth?

This was a trade name made for Belknap Hardware, and from the list of makers (Crescent, H&R, Stevens) it's unlikely to be a high quality gun, but I could be wrong. The plating and engraving were probably not factory original. If this is a double barrel, the usual quote is $150-$250, and for a single shot, $35-$75.

How do you find out the age of your Springfield firearm?

First you have to determine what kind of "Springfield" you have. It could be a US military arm from the Springfield Armory dating to sometime before the Civil War or a new sporting arm from Springfield, Inc., but most likely it is a shotgun made by J. Stevens Arms or the Stevens Division of Savage Arms.

What choke are the barrels of a double barrel shotgun?

Being a double barrel has no bearing on what the choke COULD be. While MOST are full/ modified. it could be any, or none. Shotgun ChokeYardageShotgun Choke Restriction Diameter difference between bore and shotgun chokeCylinder< 200Skeet22.5.005 of an inchImproved Cylinder25.010Light Modified30.015Modified32.5.020Improved Modified35.025Light Full37.5.030Full40 or More.035Extra Full40 or More.040

What is the value of a Toledo Arms single barrel shotgun?

Not much information about this one. Probably a dealer in Toledo, Ohio, c. 1915-1950. Would be interested in seeing this gun or good pictures of it. We could possibly ID the manufacturer.

What is the value and year of a J Stevens single shot breakopen shotgun?

If there is more to the name than just "J Stevens", it could have been made as early as 1864, but if that's all it says, then it was made between 1920 and 1948. Value will range from $25 for a parts-gun to maybe $75 if nearly perfect (or $100 if it is a .410)

Where can you buy a firing pin for a Stevens model 67 E series shotgun?

try or a gun smith could make you one

Where could you get a picture of an iver johnson hammer action double barrel shotgun?

Go to Google, select IMAGES from the toolbar, and for search term enter Iver Johnson double hammer shotgun.

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