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check out the book " Ako ay Filipino" there are tagalog speech that can help you... also try to search for the speech of mr. William Chueng or other Filipino poets. °°,

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Halimbawa ng talumpating kabatiran?

The term "Halimbawa ng talumpating kabatiran" is spoken in the Filipino language. The translation from Filipino to English is "examples of informative speeches".

What are the famous oratorical speeches written by Filipino authors?

Two famous oratorical speeches by Filipino writers are Carlos Peña Romulo's "I am a Filipino" and Felix B. Bautista's "We Have Become Untrue to Ourselves!"

What is the Historical context of Martin Luther King Jr?

give 2 examples of powful language used in the speeches?

Are there any available copies of any type of Filipino speeches?

putang ina mo.

Speeches written by any filipino writer?

hay wala akong maisip sorry

Can provide wonderful examples of great acceptance speeches?

There are several wonderful examples of great acceptance speeches. Among the best presidential acceptance speeches are those given by Theodore Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy.

What can provide wonderful examples of great acceptance speeches?

Wonderful examples of great acceptance speeches can be found in books written about the subject. Examples can also be found in a book of quotations by famous persons.

What are examples of speeches for 'Teachers Day' tagalog?

There are many examples of speeches for 'Teachers Day' in Tagalog. You can come up with a speech that appreciates the efforts put in by the teachers while highlighting some practical examples.

Where could you have find examples of recruitment speeches on the internet?

on Google?

Sites for essays and speeches written in Hindi language?

dowry system

What are some examples of speeches to actuate?

Well there are many different speeches topics like Sports Animals or what ever interests you good luck:)

What are examples of confirmation speeches?

Confirmation speeches can be short and direct. They should include their commitment to the church that they attended and encourage their peers to continue their journey.

Why do speakers giving persuasive speeches often use inflated language?


What are the examples of oratorical speeches for grade two?

Probably something about Bob The Builder I guess.

What did the sophists do?

They focused on more the language of speeches instead of the content. They were criticized by Plato for this practice.

Why political speeches often remain indirect in their language us anything?

because it is famous

What are examples of primary sources?

Examples of primary sources are speeches,letter,journals,court decisions,interviews,trade journals,reports and photographs.

Examples of entertainment speech?

There are a variety of examples of entertainment speeches. These include an acceptance speech at the grammies, a speech at a celebrity gala, and an interview on television.

Did Hitler make any English speeches?

No, he did not speak any language other than German.

What is an example of a short speech for high school?

Short Speeches for High School can be found on websites like wikihow. There you can find a sample for such a speech. Lovetoknow also has a few examples of speeches.

Examples of declamation speeches?

For me there are some examples below: 1. I have a dream- martin luther 2. The gettysburg address- abram lincoln 3. Desiderata

Do you have 50 examples of oration?

Oration is to talk publicly, to give a speech. If you 50 examples of a speech, search the web. Do you have any person's speeches in particular?

Political speeches are usually what speeches?

Political speeches are usually persuasive speeches.

Examples of inspirational speeches?

Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech. John F. Kennedy's inauguration speech.

Is the English language a language of destruction?

Yes, agree. English, is a world international language and that's great. But it's having too much of a dangerous effect on other languages. Malaysians, Filipinos, Mexicans all sometimes do "code-switching" between their language and English. This means switching between in the middle of sentences. Especially Filipinos, they are known for code-switching the most. Just watch the Filipino politicians do their speeches, half of the time they are speaking English, the other; Filipino. A lot of the people in my school simply talk in English no matter the ethnicity. Native born or American born. French people don't like the English language, and the French linguists know that English words are creeping into French. So, the French language is strictly monitored from a university in France.