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Q: Where could you get codebreaker codes for Pokemon Emerald?
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Where could you get codebreaker codes for Pokemon Diamond?

Search on google Pokemon Diamond codebreaker codes . Google is your best friend forever.....Hope i helped!

What Pokemon can you get with an action replay?

With the appropriate codes, an Action Replay can get you any Pokemon that exist in your game and its predecessors (For instance, in Emerald you could get all the Pokemon in Emerald and the games before it)

Where could you get codebreaker codes for megaman battle network 3 white?

What are some Pokemon Emerald cheats for Xploder?

Emerald Xploder CheatsUnfortunately, there are currently no official Pokemon Emerald Xploder codes. HOWEVER, (now this, for unknown reasons, actually works, i tried it and it actually worked perfectly.) you can, for some reason, use the Gameshark codes for Pokemon Emerald. I don't know why but these codes work for the Xploder GBA. I've first tried it on my Pokemon Emerald, since I was extremely desperate for the codes, but I could not find any for my Xploder, so I decided to use Gameshark codes (don't ask me why, i just did). When it first succeeded, I then tried it on my friend's copy of Pokemon Emerald. Guess what? It worked! You can go to this website to get some of the gameshark codes.Please Note that this is the ONLY game on the GBA to utilize Gameshark codes through Action Replay. No other games will work through this method.

Pokemon Emerald 386 action replay codes?

dude there is no codes the action replays do not work Man... What a b*tch they were... (look up) Since it's a hack of emerald, with no overdramatic changes that could screw up the game, you can use the codes for the normal Pokemon emerald, you can find them on SuperCheats, just don't use any codes that have a title like this: "OMGOMGOMGOMGoMG!!!!!!1111oneoneoneLOOKSIES!!!!11oneoneONE I HAVES A MEW-TEN-AND-A-HALF CODES!!!111oneONEone!!!"

How do you get growlithe in Pokemon Emerald?

sorry people you can not get Growlithe in Pokemon emerald but you could get one in fire red at the Pokemon mashion and just trade it to emerald...

What are all the cheats in pokemon Flora sky?

Wish i could help...Just search a pokemon emerald cheat coz it also work on flora sky. Im pretty sure you won't exert effort in finding pokemon emerald cheat codes.

Where could you get codebreaker codes for Pokemon Diamond'?

The only reliable source that I have used is the official codebreaker site. And seeing as you already have a codebreaker, I presume that it came preloaded with these codes already. However, if you are unsure, check here: I presume that the reason for this is that Action Replay is more open-ended if you will, in that Datel has released the Trainer Toolkit, allowing for the custom creation of your own cheatcodes, so you can personalise your own cheats, rather than using the same generic codes. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- dont listen u can NOT make an account which is the only way to look at the codes recreater6000

What is the most powerful Pokemon in Pokemon emerald?

it could be rayquaza

Could you catch lapras in Pokemon Emerald?


Where could you get codebreaker codes for Pokemon leaf green?

go google them or just go to or it's pretty easy (some cheats might not work because you might need to get the mastercode for them) hope this helped

How do you catch Magma the Pokemon in Emerald?

i don't think you can find it in Pokemon emerald but if you could i think it would be in the fiery path.

Where you could find mewto on Pokemon emerald?

you cant

Where do you get teddyursa on Pokemon diamond without Pokemon emerald?

You could migrate it from another GBA game, but otherwise it is impossible without the Emerald Cartridge.

What Pokemon could use dive in Pokemon emerald?

Most water type Pokemon like tentacool.

What could happen if you clone your Pokemon?

in diamond and pearl you could get kicked out forever (unless you start a new game) if you get caught you get the Pokemon you wanted to clone back.but i don't know if you get the emerald nothing could happen.i have copied a lot of Pokemon on emerald.

How do you get underwater in Pokemon Diamond?

There is no possible way to go underwater in Pokemon diamond. You could only go underwater in Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald. There is no possible way to go underwater in Pokemon diamond. You could only go underwater in Pokemon ruby, sapphire and emerald.

How do you get a Magmar in Pokemon Emerald?

Magmar is unavailable on Pokémon Emerald. He can be traded in from other games, or you could cheat...

How do you clone Pokemon on emerald version?

I didn't know you could.

Can you clone in Pokemon Pearl?

No you can not. You could in the earlier version Emerald.

Could you play Pokemon Emerald on your DS Lite?


Pokemon emerald what items are held by wild Pokemon?

mostly berries but it could be something else.

What level are the Pokemon in the Battle Pyramid in Pokemon Emerald?

It could be any level. Depending on the Pokemon your using with the highest level.

Where do you get a light ball on Pokemon Emerald?

Wild Pikachu have a small chance to be holding a light ball in Pokemon Emerald. You could try catching Pikachu until you get one.

Pokemon Emerald how do you get jiarji?

Well you could trade with Pokemon colisseum or you can get a gameshark and input the code to get jirachi